Loki: Who is the Time Variance Authority?

The Time Variance Authority headquarters
Credit: Marvel Studios

The Time Variance Authority headquarters
Credit: Marvel Studios

A new game sets the stakes high for the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe as a new player gets introduced in Loki – the Time Variance Authority.

They have been in existence for so long yet no one has ever heard from them until now, but as Agent Mobius said, the people who are in their proper timeline don't have to know who the TVA are.

As long as the people remain in their proper places, the TVA will not intervene. But first off, who is the Time Variance Authority, exactly?

Loki: Who is the Time Variance Authority?
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Credit: Marvel Studios

The plot of Loki thickens in his very own canon series and people are going wild over the revelations that the TV show has revealed.

As usual, we all want more because we definitely need some answers especially with the MCU taking a turn with the debut of the Time Variance Authority and seeing how powerful they are, their presence is known in the MCU surely makes a mark.

WARNING: This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for the Loki series, so READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Who is the Time Variance Authority in Loki?

The Time Variance Authority corrects the timeline
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Credit: Marvel Studios

After Loki escaped with the Tesseract in Episode 1, everything happened so fast yet slowly at the same time as the TVA arrived swiftly to where Loki was.

Then and there, the TVA apprehended the God of Mischief that he had to face a blow 1 over 16th of times while feeling the pain in real-time.

If that doesn't make them a really powerful bureau, you might want to revisit your memories of the whole MCU again.

Loki arrived at the TVA headquarters and went through a process where he would be checked in as a "variant," a term that the TVA has for a prisoner who committed a crime against time.

The Tesseract went into evidence, and Loki had a change of clothes, signing off everything he had said and even determining whether he was a robot or not.

Then, here comes the fun part, Miss Minutes appear on various screens where she introduces the Time Variance Authority, how they came into existence, and what they do.

Apparently, it all started when a massive multiversal war happened and literally destroyed everything. The Time-Keepers made the Sacred Timeline and created the Time Variance Authority to watch over and preserve it.

Loki faces the judges of time
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Credit: Marvel Studios

It has been explained that for those who committed infractions on time, no matter how small it is, making a branched timeline may cause a nexus (yes, like the fake commercial in WandaVision) and such may be a trigger to the alteration or change on the Sacred Timeline.

Sworn to protect the timeline, the TVA cleanses it through resetting time and makes those responsible for it liable either by a reset or pruning.

Just before Loki faces the judge, he sees a Skrull sampled with pruning, and apparently, it erases one from existence.

Before the judge, Loki was asked how he would plead, and still confused as to what was happening.

He asked if he could directly talk to the Time-Keepers, and the judge immediately slammed this idea as they were busy dictating how the timeline should go.

Agent Mobius steps in and takes Loki into his custody. As they wandered off the walls, Loki saw how big of a bureau the TVA is and the place was just magically stunning.

They also have technology where one's file contains how their life should go within the Sacred Timeline. Through that episode, Loki escaped once more looking for the tesseract thinking it could be the way out.

Loki met Cassey, the person holding the evidence, and a surprise to Loki, the Infinity stones turn out to be useless in the TVA, some others even just use the stones as a paperweight.

With this, he kind of concluded that the TVA holds the most power in the universe. But who exactly are they anyway?

Canonically, What Does the Time Variance Authority Entail?

The Time Variance Authority headquarters
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Credit: Marvel Studios

In Marvel Comics, they were first introduced in Thor Issue #371 with Justice Peace, a TVA agent, wherein they stop a threat that has something to do with time traveling.

The TVA is also known as the "Null-Time Zone" where the organization is keeping tabs on everything that is happening in the universe.

They monitor all the realities in existence and they do not interfere unless needed. Time runs differently in their dimension, a pocketed one outside of time, and all their employees were created to fulfill their functions for the bureau.

They have quite an infinite number of Chronomonitors or men who monitor everything that is happening in the timeline to make sure that no one messes with it.

They have soldiers as well, the Minutemen, and they cleanse the timelines in case it was breached. As for Loki, it seems that the TVA functions quite the same.

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