Will There Be Another Deadpool Movie? 2021 Updates and Everything We Know So Far

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Credit: Ryan Reynolds

Everyone's favorite merc with a mouth easily captured the hearts of many with his hilarious comments on almost everything that is happening and not to mention, he is one hell of a character considering his skills and all. Wade Wilson definitely gave us entertainment in a high grade. But when will he return? Will there be another Deadpool movie? Will he be making the jump into the MCU?

Will There Be Another Deadpool Movie?

"Let beauty come out of ashes," is such a Deadpool thing to say, right? The ultimate super-antihero of Marvel got two blockbusters under his belt. All those chimichangas made him the antihero everybody loves, especially with his witty remarks on basically all that happens in his film, you'd definitely want more of him.

Not to mention, Deadpool is a highly skilled and trained mercenary. His skills are on the top of the line and with his mutant regenerative abilities, he is close to being unstoppable and technically unkillable since he already blew himself up and he's still alive, he even lost his lower body and grew it back.

The first two Deadpool films were both under 20th Century Fox and Disney became its parent company, the chances of Deadpool being in the MCU got higher, that is, if he would be able to bond with those already there because we all know he's the merc with a mouth that is basically unstoppable from talking unless he's fighting.

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In an interview with Collider in January 2021, none other than Marvel Boss Kevin Feige gave a promising update as regards the third Deadpool film and he revealed that it is already in the works with a script already being written with Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool actor, overseeing it. With the arrival of Deadpool in the MCU, it will definitely be something new to everyone as it would need to have mutants as well.

That being said, it means that the mutants are finally coming into the MCU as well. With the current calendar of events of Marvel, though, Deadpool 3 would not be arriving until, possibly, 2023 to 2024, as it is not yet slated for the fourth phase.

Deadpool 3 is finally happening and it will be in the MCU. Still, knowing Deadpool, he already made a pseudo-debut with a video together with an MCU character, Korg, and it is hilarious!


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