Deadpool Star Ryan Reynolds Backs Hugh Jackman's Wolverine Return in the MCU

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Credit: Fox

It has been a regular topic of discussion amongst fans of Marvel that no actor in Hollywood other than Hugh Jackman could effectively play Wolverine on the big screen. Of course, that argument is debatable but when you think about it, there's a reason why the Australian actor successfully played the role for 17 years before officially retiring the mantle in the R-rated masterpiece Logan.

Now, with Marvel Studios finally acquiring the X-Men franchise, a reboot is now on its way and it's safe to assume that aside from Deadpool and company, the Marvel Cinematic Universe's mutant roster will consist of fresh faces. However, if Ryan Reynolds had things his way, he'd love nothing more than to keep his pal around especially now that he's moving to the billion-dollar franchise himself.

Taking to his Instagram stories, Reynolds made it clear that he supports the idea of his "rival" reprising his role as Logan in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ryan reposted a meme that features five actors who could be the next Wolverine and surprise, surprise, all five images feature Jackman himself, pretty much indicating that no one but him could portray the role. Check it out here.

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Jackman recently clarified that he's not set for an MCU appearance after the Internet thought he was teasing something on social media. The latest rumors also suggest that his version of Wolverine was considered for a cameo role in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness but turns out, negotiations ultimately fell short.

Marvel Studios' Deadpool 3 is under development.

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Credit: fox