Deadpool 3: Marvel Studios Reportedly Wants Josh Brolin to Make Cable Return

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Credit: Fox

It's only a matter of time before Wade Wilson makes his universe-shattering debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Deadpool 3 and while we still know very little about the project at this point, Marvel Studios is already assuring us fans that the Mr. Pool we'll see in the billion-dollar franchise won't be a watered-down version of the character like many people initially feared.

As for the characters that could return and get "absorbed" by Marvel Studios in the sequel, it's safe to assume that familiar faces from the first two films could also join Ryan Reynolds in the threequel given the fact that the project is directly connected to Deadpools 1 & 2. Yup, that includes former Thanos actor Josh Brolin.

Now, according to the oftentimes reliable Hollywood insider Daniel Richtman, Marvel Studios "definitely" wants to bring back Josh Brolin as Cable despite his previous involvement as the Mad Titan in the Infinity Saga. No other details about his casting and role in the threequel were disclosed but as it stands, it looks like Cable has also been absorbed by Disney.

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I mean, Brolin's potential casting in Deadpool 3 shouldn't come as a surprise to everyone considering the fact that the futuristic mutant was still alive following the events of the R-rated blockbuster. However, his return will come with serious repercussions and we can expect Deadpool himself to once again bring up the actor's connection to Thanos every chance he could. Is it necessary? Maybe, maybe not but it would be downright hysterical.

Deadpool 3 is under development.