Can Deadpool Die?

Deadpool counting down his bullets
Credit: Marvel

Deadpool counting down his bullets
Credit: Marvel

Wade Wilson would say firsthand that his two greatest powers are actually his wit and charm.

However, on top of that, Deadpool is most noted for his mutant abilities, the primary of which is the next-level ability to heal and regenerate. 

Even in two Deadpool films, we see him shot in the most delicate of places, hit by trucks, electrocuted, and suffocated and we even see him have several of his limbs taken off (which see him naturally grow back in the creepiest and most hilarious ways imaginable).

However despite his extraordinary displays of immortality, can Deadpool actually ever die? Contrary to popular belief, there are ways, as well as individual characters, that have the ability to kill Deadpool.

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For starters, the cinematic Deadpool confirmed that he had cancer, and curing that cancer is what led him to become the Merc with the Mouth we know today.

Going through extreme conditions, his immortality came at a price: a distorted face he keeps hidden under his mask. Well, here's another reason why he can't die:

Thanos' Curse on Deadpool

Thanos collecting the six Infinity Stones
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Credit: Marvel Studios

There are two separate ways in which the Titan Thanos could kill the Merc with the Mouth, one would simply be to use the Infinity Gauntlet as he did with “the Blip” in Avengers: Infinity War.

This wouldn’t technically kill Deadpool per se as he could always be brought back however these would cease his existence. Another way would be to remove the curse that Thanos placed.

It was in Deadpool Vol. 3 Issue #64 titled Funeral For A Freak, when Thanos placed this curse.

In every hero/anti-hero tale, there’s always some form of a love story or love triangle that ensues. In this one, it’s Deadpool, Thanos, and Death (the personification of).

Deadpool has always had an infatuation with Death, and Death has always felt the same affection towards Deadpool. However, Thanos also loves Death and due to his grown jealousy, this leads us to the curse.

Therefore, Thanos cursed Deadpool with “A fate worse than death!” Meaning that he would always stay alive, never technically die, and therefore not be able to ever be or meet with Death.

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Deadpool's Atoms Disintegrate

Deadpool being burned by fire
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Deadpool can (and has) literally been pulled apart almost down to the atom. Hypothetically, you break him into millions of atoms and spread them across the universe, and eventually over enough time.

He would regenerate, not just because of his incredible healing abilities but also the curse that Thanos placed on him.

However, his atoms can be disintegrated which stops him from being able to regenerate - because there’s nothing that can be regenerated.

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Turning Off Deadpool's Powers & the Healing Factor

Deadpool regenerating his hands
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Credit: Marvel Studios

Due to his rapid healing being triggered through the expression of his mutant X-Gene, there are ways that his mutant healing factor can be “turned off”.

Most notable is that he is surrounded by a mutant like Leech who is able to stop mutant powers from existing when in his presence.

This would allow Deadpool to become mortal like others and technically could be killed in this situation.

Carbonadium is also another source that could turn off his healing ability. Carbonadium is a radioactive source most notably used by the villain Doctor Octopus.

One of its properties is that its radiation can cancel healing factors and therefore, could be an indirect method of killing Deadpool.

As of writing, Deadpool has yet to die on the big screens, and considering that he's going to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this also entails he won't ever die because of the Multiverse garnering alternate variants of him.

Therefore, we all look forward to the release of Deadpool 3 where I’m sure Ryan Reynolds can find a whole new variety of ways to get injured and regenerate once more.

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