Will Deku Surpass All Might Explained in My Hero Academia

Just a quick recap for those who are new in the series: Deku got his quirk from Japan's Greatest Hero, All Might. Although All Might is no longer the number one hero, he will forever be the symbol of peace for Deku and the citizens of Japan.

Deku is now the new One for All user. Throughout Season 1 to 4, fans have witnessed Deku's growth in terms of handling this power and even more on Season 5. It also seems like Deku has an ability that All Might did not have when he still had the power which is the ability to communicate with the previous One for All users.

With this, will Deku surpass All Might? Let's find out!

Will Deku Surpass All Might Explained in My Hero Academia

Will Deku Surpass All Might Explained in My Hero Academia 1
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Before we answer that, it is important to note that all One for All users mastered the power to surpass the wielder before they pass it again to someone else. In this case, All Might surpassed the previous owner before he gave it to Deku.

Deku now has to master the power and surpass All Might before he can give it to someone else. As fans have witnessed so far, Deku is still harnessing One for All. He is even finding a way to use it for himself. Another fact that fans must know is that every time One for All is passed, the power grows, so this means that the current user will surely be stronger than the predecessor.

In the later chapters, it was revealed that there are quirk factors from other One for All users hidden in the main quirk. The problem is that not all users can access it. What made Deku different from All Might is that the factors are activating inside Deku, which might explain why he can communicate with the other bearers.

If Deku can activate all the quirk factors, this means that other than the current superpowers that he got from All Might, Deku can use the powers of the previous One for All bearers. When this happens, Deku will surely have surpassed All Might.

When Deku narrated the first episode on Season 1, he said that this was a story of how he became the greatest superhero. If he did not surpass All Might, then he would never be the greatest, right?

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