One for All Quirk Explained in My Hero Academia

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If you have been watching My Hero Academia, you might have heard One for All a couple of times already. In fact, it is the quirk of Japan’s greatest hero, All Might, and the show’s protagonist Izuku Midoriya.

One for All is a transferable quirk, unlike others. The name itself means having one quirk for all people. But not everyone can easily get this quirk, the successor must have the user’s DNA. It could be a drop of blood or a strand of hair.


Izuku Midoriya ingested a strand of All Might’s hair to get the quirk. But as everyone knows, getting used to this power is not easy and even the show’s protagonist needed time and a lot of practice. Learn more about One for All by reading this article.

One for All Quirk Explained

 One for All Quirk Explained 1

The origin of One for All started with a man who has the quirk called All for One. This quirk allows the man to steal quirks and give them away. He then decided to give his younger brother a quirk which enables the brother to compile all power in his brother.


What the All for One user doesn’t know is that his younger brother has a quirk that can transfer quirks to other people. With this, the younger brother’s quirks (that can stockpile power and transfer power) merged into one. The quirk then became One for All.

Since One for All is a powerful quirk, current users have the option to choose who to give it to. It can stockpile a huge amount of power that can enhance one’s physical ability. Even better, it can make someone reach a superhuman level of strength. Not only strength, but it can also improve one’s durability, agility, and speed.

One for All users can focus all the power in one body part and have a specific level of percentage of power. For instance, the power level on the leg can be 5% only.  It must be noted that doing so can put a greater strain on the body part as compared to when the power is evenly distributed all over the body.

The quirk can also alter the user’s appearance. For Izuku Midoriya, his body glows and vein-line lines appear in his body every time he uses the quirk. Meanwhile, All Might enlarges his overall body mass, making him a giant.


The weakness of this quirk is that once it is transferred, the new user’s body needed time to adjust to the power. The original user then will only get residual power. This can be seen after All Might was not able to sustain his Muscular form after passing Midoriya the quirk.

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