Who Does Deku Like, End Up With, or Marry in My Hero Academia? Predictions and What We Know

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My Hero Academia focuses on Izuku Midoriya or Deku’s journey to becoming Japan’s greatest hero. The show earned the hearts of anime fans with its intriguing plot and interesting characters.

Aside from the hero stuff, fans started pairing Deku with other characters of the show. Some popular ships are Deku x Shoto, Deku x Bakugo, Deku x Uraraka, and so on. Of course, this is usual as Deku is the main protagonist of the story, and he has a lot of scenes with the other characters.

Since My Hero Academia is an ongoing manga, fans can’t really tell who he will end up with. With this, let’s try to predict who Deku will end up with based on what happened on the manga so far.


Who Does Deku Like, End Up With, or Marry in My Hero Academia?

Who Does Deku Like, End Up With, or Marry in My Hero Academia? Predictions and What We Know 1
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It is understandable that fans have a lot of theories regarding Deku’s love life but as far as the story goes, he is focused on his training. His main goal is to become the greatest hero and dating isn’t really one of his plans as of now. But we don’t know if this will go on until the end or if Isayama will eventually decide to give Deku an official partner.


For now, fans believe that Uraraka is the closest pair that Deku can have. Uraraka is the first girl and friend Deku had ever since he started U.A High. She also helped him change his perspective with the name Deku which he eventually decided to be his hero name.

There was also a time when he became anxious that he wounded her after losing control. In return, he protected her from the enemy.

Deku and Uraraka’s closeness was proven a lot of times throughout the series. But one point that made fans sure that she is his pair when Aoyama made Uraraka realize her feelings for him. Since then, Uraraka has been conscious around Deku. Mina also teases the two, which adds a factor to the possibility that they could end up being together.

For now, fans can just enjoy the small moments and hints that these two have. Whether the creator of the manga, Kohei Horikoshi, will seal the deal between these two or not, it is up to him. Those who ship Deku and Uraraka can only ship them for now and make cute fanarts about the two.

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