Why Can't Silk and Spider-Man Be Together? Explaining The Complexities of Spider-Attraction



Silk and Spider-Man can’t be together because they choose not to be together. It is as simple as that.

But that does not mean the mutual attraction between the two superheroes has lessened, not to mention gone away altogether.

And considering that they have remained friends until now, the pair will likely have to deal with their so-called Spider-attraction every time they encounter each other within Marvel Comics pages.

In this post, we will try to explain how their attraction came to be. And if you are a PeterGwen or PeterMJ stan who happens to be unfamiliar with Silk, this post should help abate your discomfort (at least, we are hoping so).

So let us go ahead and untangle this web of attraction once and for all.

Why Is Silk Attracted To Spider-Man?

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They're just that into each other.

It all comes down to the biology of both Silk and Spider-Man. To better explain it, we will have to review their respective origins in Marvel Comics history.

We all know how Peter Parker came to be. He got bitten by a radioactive spider that gave him the ability to crawl walls and super powers like enhanced strength, stamina, quickness, and of course, Spider Sense.

As it turns out, that same radioactive eight-legged freak had bitten a second person that same fateful day before it bit the dust.

That second person is Cindy Moon, a Korean-American high school student and hockey varsity player from Peter Parker’s school.

But just as she was starting to manifest her powers and abilities, she was approached by a mysterious dude named Ezekiel Sims, who proceeded to train her in using her Spider-powers properly.

To protect Cindy from Morlun, an interdimensional being who hunts and devours Spider-powers (and any person who possesses them), Sims persuades her to stay inside a bunker (sans windows, but with books and a television set), where she remains, in her own volition, for more than a decade, although not completely oblivious of what goes on in the outside world.

Peter would eventually get her out (he becomes aware of her existence through a vision generated via the Watcher’s eye), telling her that Morlun is dead.

But after learning that Morlun might still be alive, she is not too happy with being out in the streets completely exposed, and she angrily lets Spidey know about it.

Her rage, however, soon turns to sexual craving, which is apparently what happens when a guy and a girl who share a Spider Sense come into close contact with each other.

Peter and Cindy, after all, share the same radioactive spider DNA in their biology, so it makes super sense for them both to have this powerful need to mate and procreate.

But Does Silk Like Spider-Man?

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These two have a lot in common.

Yes, Silk likes Spider-Man, but not necessarily truly romantically (outside of that biological attraction thing).

Like Peter Parker, Cindy is not really sure if she is really in love with the other or maybe just succumbing to a primal, physical attraction (thanks to compatible radioactive spider DNA that they happen to share).

It is interesting to note that Silk is only attracted to the Peter Parker of her universe. During the epic Spider-Verse saga in Marvel Comics (published from 2014 to 2015), Cindy gets to meet several versions of the Wall Crawler, but is not attracted to any of them.

The only exception is Kaine, who was cloned directly from Peter Parker. Still, you can argue that the DNA makeup of Peter, Silk, and Kaine can all be traced back to that one radioactive spider in Marvel’s main comics universe (that would be Earth-616), never mind the other alternate universe Spideys and their sometimes varying origins (for instance, just look at Earth-50101’s Pavitr Prabhakar, also known as Spider-Man India – he did not get his powers from a radioactive spider bite; he got them from an ancient yogi).

Now back to the question at hand – does Silk like Spider-Man? Yes, she does, but we are betting she likes him as a close friend and ally.

And besides, why wouldn’t she like Peter Parker? After all, he is somebody who happens to have so many things in common with her.

Yes, they got bitten by the same radioactive spider. But outside of that, they share the same alma mater.

They are also both incredibly smart people. They have worked for J. Jonah Jameson (Peter got employed by the Daily Bugle newspaper as a freelance photographer; Cindy as a reporter for Jameson’s Fact Channel news channel and later Threat and Menaces tabloid website).

Silk is a huge fan of K-pop. And so is Spider-Man, who is a certified member of the ARMY. Oops, sorry – that was Tom Holland (who reportedly stans BTS).

Kidding aside, Cindy Moon and Peter Parker might just be made for each other. But for now, they have both decided to be friends.

And between you and me, let me just say that Silk does not need to be a Spidey love interest to be worth checking out.

That is because she is 100 percent awesome in her own right. And we are going to find out exactly why in the next sections.

What Are Silk's Powers and Abilities?

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Silk uses her Spider-powers differently than Spidey.

Because Silk was bitten by the same radioactive spider that stung Spider-Man, she possesses Spider-powers similar to that of Peter Parker. These powers include enhanced strength (more on this later, we promise), endurance, speed, and reflexes.

Having shared Spidey’s origins, Silk is also able to scale walls and cling to surfaces, including the sides (as well as undersides) of buildings, tall structures, and large objects (like helicopters, buses, or trains).

She also has her own version of the Spidey Sense. Dubbed the “Silk Sense” by Cindy, it is considered more sensitive to Peter Parker’s.

Because her Silk Sense is more advanced, Cindy sometimes uses it to augment her reaction time, which further improves her speed and reflexes.

Plus, she can use her Silk Sense to pinpoint Peter Parker’s location, no matter what planet (or universe) he is in.

And unlike the Web Slinger who needs to use mechanical web shooters, Silk is capable of shooting organic web from the tips of her fingers.

In other words, she will never have to deal with scenarios wherein she runs out of webbing in the most unfortunate moments (like in the middle of a battle against a superpowered villain).

But due to the fact that her web is organic, its supply can be affected if she is not healthy or if she is injured.

Her webbing is also unique – it comes with barbed tips. So aside from its adhesive properties, it can also serve as sort of a fish hook, which allows for better purchase on any type of surface, even hard or slippery ones.

On top of all that, she can use her webbing to generate claws from her fingertips. Quite nifty if you ask me, especially when you are fighting crime (and supervillains) in New York City.

Outside of her superpowers, Cindy has other abilities as well. For one, she has a natural eidetic memory.

For those not familiar with eidetic memory, it means that from Silk's memory alone, she can retrieve loads of details about an object even after seeing that thing only once.

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Is Silk Stronger Than Spider-Man?

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In your face, Bruce Banner.

No, Silk is not stronger than Spider-Man, at least in terms of physical strength.

What it all comes down to is physiology. Although bitten by the same radioactive spider, Silk’s super strength ultimately depends on her female physique, which is naturally less strong than Spidey’s male physiology.

Still, that is not to say that she is a slouch when it comes to a show of strength. Mind you, Cindy can still lift several tons when the situation calls for it.

For instance, she once caught an SUV attempting to run her over (it was driven by members of Goblin Nation, the group that sent her brother to the hospital) with nothing but her bare hands, hurling the five- to six-ton vehicle straight to the curb.

Oh, and there was that time she once had to hold up a bus that fell into a hole on the street.

In another life or death situation, she finds herself fighting a robot that has multiple metal tentacles and a gigantic head resembling the exposed skull of a T-800 cybernetic organism.

She makes quick work of the robot by punching its oversized head until one of its eyes falls off and cutting off its tentacles using only her claws.

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Silk's powers surprises even the seasoned Spider-Man.

But how does she fare against our favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man? Well, she did throw a punch at Peter Parker’s handsome mug (she was not super comfy about Spidey's decision to tell the Fantastic Four about her complicated history, being stuck in a bunker for more than ten years and all).

Peter is okay, but the punch leaves his cheek all red. Interestingly, he was also the recipient of an earlier lighting-fast slap from Cindy.

Sure, Spidey may be fast. But Silk’s strikes are apparently faster.

Speaking of fast, on her first meeting with Peter Parker, she was able to dodge each attempt by Spidey to catch her with his webbing.

You can argue that Cindy has the wits and the natural gifts to cause the Wall Crawler some trouble if they ever engage in a no holds barred battle.

But with Peter Parker’s extensive experience in one-on-one fights, he should still have an advantage.

But we are not betting against Cindy Moon.

Will Silk Be In The MCU?

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She is ready for the big screen.

Yes. As a matter of fact, Silk is already part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), or more accurately, pre-radioactive-spider-bite Cindy Moon is.

On the big screen, the Marvel Comics character is played by Tiffany Espensen. You may have spotted her a decade ago as surfer Kelly’s little sister Piper in the Nickelodeon show Bucket & Skinner’s Epic Adventures.

A few years later, she would star as Dawn’s best pal Belinda in the Disney XD series Kirby Buckets, which ran for three seasons from 2014 to 2017.

So far, Espensen as Cindy Moon has already appeared in a couple of MCU feature films.

She did make her MCU debut in 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming as one of Peter Parker’s classmates. A year later, she would appear again, albeit very briefly, in Avengers: Infinity War.

Yes, we know – in those two movies we just mentioned, she does not do any web-slinging at all and there is no evidence that she was already bitten by the same radioactive spider that transformed Tom Holland’s Peter Parker into the MCU Spidey.

But who knows? Espensen’s Cindy could very well become Silk in future MCU outings. Unless, of course, Kevin Feige and company decide to recast the character (a member of K-pop goddesses Blackpink is rumored to be considered).

It bears mentioning that Sony is also reportedly joining forces with Amazon Prime to produce future Spidey spin-off projects, including Silk: Spider Society.

The talk is that Silk: Spider Society might be released as a live-action series instead of a full-length feature film for cinemas.

Sony is reportedly eyeing Adeline Rudolph (Weird Sisters member Agatha from the Netflix show Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) to play Cindy Moon.

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