BTS: Tom Holland, Son Heung Min Reportedly Shared Love For K-Pop Group

Credit: Tottenham Hotspur/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Tottenham Hotspur/YouTube Screenshot

The popularity of BTS has skyrocketed in the last few years. They continue to expand their reach across the globe, allowing them to inherit more new fans and followers.

Even celebrities from various industries have already become avid supporters of the seven K-pop idols. These include Marvel star Tom Holland and South Korean footballer Son Heung Min.

The two personalities recently met for a brief engagement. Koreaboo reported that during their recent interaction, they “bonded” over their love for the all-male group.

Bonding Over Love For BTS

The publication said that the Spider-Man actor and the professional athlete are fans of each other, as well. While Son loves Spider-Man, Holland is said to be a huge fan of soccer, thus, making their recent meeting a big deal for both parties.

Amid their engagement, the two celebrities posed for photos. In one of them, the Tottenham Hotspur captain made the iconic Spider-man gesture.

As for the MCU actor, he did what Son always does when posing for pictures: one of Jimin’s Filter choreography. It has been a known fact that the professional athlete always does one of the BTS member’s dance moves.

Son Heung Min Admits To Being The "Biggest Fan"

Apart from being known for doing the said Filter choreography, Son Heung Min has always shared his love for BTS. In one of his recent interviews, he even revealed how the K-pop group had become his “support system,” according to NME.

Speaking to Volvo Korea, the football star said that he is “grateful” for the seven-member act. He also noted that he is their “biggest fan,” adding that the K-pop group has helped him “overcome the difficulties” of living outside South Korea.

Tom Holland Praised The K-Pop Group

Similarly, Tom Holland recently admitted to being a fan of the Dynamite singers. As part of the promotions for his new film, Spider-Man: No Way Home, he and Zendaya interacted with netizens on social media platforms.

When a fan told him that getting tickets to the new Marvel movie is like “getting tickets to a BTS concert,” Holland said that the group is a “big deal.” So, it is a “big compliment” for him.

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