Who Sent a Text to Wednesday at End of Season 1?

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams in Wednesday
Credit: Netflix

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams in Wednesday
Credit: Netflix

It's already been three months since Netflix released Wednesday but we can't move on from it. And apparently, other people are still having a Wednesday high.

As evident in the show's record-breaking numbers and how Wednesday's (played by Jenna Ortega) dance has blown up on TikTok. So while we wait for the show to return, we'll just keep streaming the show on the platform.

One thing we've noticed though is that at the end of the first season, we see our protagonist, Wednesday, riding in their family car for a mid-semester break. Along the way, she picks up her phone and sees a message from an unknown number. Seeing that she only got the phone a few minutes before that text, we can't help but wonder: who sent Wednesday a text message?

Here is what we know about this cliffhanger scene.

What Does the Text Message Contain?

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams, Luis Guzman as Gomez Addams in Wednesday
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Credit: Netflix

Just before leaving for the mid-semester break, Xavier Thorpe (played by Percy Hynes White) gives Wednesday a new phone. This is because she's the only character in the whole school who doesn't have a phone. Xavier also tells her that his number is already saved in the phone, so she has a way of getting in touch with him.

As Lurch drives the family car out of the school, however, Wednesday receives a text from an unknown number. The text contains a couple of candid photos of Wednesday talking with two different boys: the first is a photo of her and Tyler (played by Hunter Doohan) at the town's cafe before his secret identity was discovered. The other photo was secretly captured right when Xavier handed Wednesday the new phone.

Below the photos, there is a text that reads: "I'm watching you 👀" and a sticker of Wednesday with a knife thrown at her head. This leads Wednesday to think that the text comes from her first stalker.

So who is behind the mystery texter's identity? Here is our own list of likely suspects:

Laurel Gates/Marilyn Thornhill

Christina Ricci as Laurel Gates/Marilyn Thornhill in Wednesday
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Credit: Netflix

First, let's start off this list with the people who have a grudge against Wednesday: Laurel Gates/Marilyn Thornhill (played by Christina Ricci).

Even though it was assumed that Ms. Thornhill was killed in the season finale, her bloodied body was never seen at the end of the show. It was simply implied that Ms. Thornhill suffered an excruciating death after Eugene's (played by Moosa Mostafa) bees attacked her and Wednesday stomps on her, knocking her out. Before doing so, Wednesday tells Eugene to turn around instead of calling the sheriff.

Jenna Ortega with Thing in Wednesday
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Credit: Netflix

So we don't actually know if Ms. Thornhill is actually dead or just out cold. It's possible that she managed to escape and continue to taunt Wednesday, teasing her return in Wednesday Season 2.

Another clue that the mystery texter could be Ms. Thornhill is Ortega's interview with Digital Spy, where she suspects the same thing.

"Honestly, I have no idea. I've gotten that question a couple times now and I'm so confused. I always assumed that it was either Miss Thornhill or Tyler and I don't know…"

Tyler Galpin

There are others who believe Tyler is the mystery texter. But just a few seconds after Wednesday reads the message, she passes by the armored vehicle that is holding Tyler, who seems to be heavily bound in chains and a stray jacket. He also seems to be asleep so there's no way he could have sent the text.

It's also possible that a much bigger enemy is behind the message and is simply using both Ms. Thornhill and Tyler as a pawn. If so, Ms. Thornhill is actually dead or in prison so she couldn't have sent the text message to Wednesday.

But here we have a couple of other likely suspects who have playfully sent the text to Wednesday. We can't help but add our own guesses to the list:

Enid Sinclair

Emma Myers as Enid Sinclair, Jenna Ortega as Wednesday in Wednesday
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Credit: Netflix

One of the people that we suspect sent a text message to Wednesday is Enid (played by Emma Myers). As we all know, Enid is Wednesday's BFF. So it's possible that she could have sent the text messages to Wednesday, as a way of teasing her of her likely romance with the two characters.

After all, we know Enid as a manic pixie dream girl so it's possible that she connived with Xavier and convinced him to give Wednesday a phone. In doing so, she was able to get her hands on Wednesday's number and send her the mystery text.

Emma Myers as Enid Sinclair in Wednesday
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Credit: Netflix

Yes, it's very possible, but what about the sticker at the end of the message. Does she want to hurt Wednesday? Obviously, no. But it could be an inside joke between her and Wednesday.

While this is a very possible scenario, we can't help but bring up another of our suspected characters.

Pugsley Addams

Isaac Ordonez as Pugsley Addams in Wednesday
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Credit: Netflix

Yes, Pugsley Addams a.k.a. Wednesday's own brother (played by Isaac Ordonez).

As seen in The Addams Family movies, Wednesday and Pugsley have a brutal relationship. Even though we see Wednesday defending her brother in the Netflix show from bullies and getting expelled from it, she doesn't hesitate to try and kill her brother. She even tries to bury him alive in several occasions. Pugsley retaliates by doing the same to his sister. And as referenced in the 2019 The Addams Family animation, Raising Children notes:

"Pugsley throws knives at his sister."

This could be the Netflix show's homage to the animated film. Although this clip shows Pugsley throwing an ax at his sister, it still is an implication that he wants to hurt her:

So what about the two photos? Well, it could simply be Pugsley scaring his sister that she has a stalker.

We don't really know the identity of the mystery texter at this point since these are just our speculations. We'll know for sure when Wednesday returns for a second season.

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