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Wednesday: Jenna Ortega Just Gave Netflix a Wild Season 2 Casting Suggestion

Credit: Netflix

Wednesday has been making waves since its debut last year but earlier this month, the hit Addams Family spinoff show raised concern amongst fans after it was rumored to be switching from Netflix to Prime Video for Season 2. The streaming giant recently confirmed that everyone's favorite pigtailed goth girl isn't going anywhere and that the show has officially been greenlit for a renewal.

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Credit: Netflix

Naturally, lead star Jenna Ortega is over the moon following the announcement but according to her, she's still being kept in the dark regarding Season 2's story. Appearing on the red carpet of the 2023 Golden Globe Awards (via Variety), the breakout star also addressed the possibility of Lady Gaga joining the series, especially after the singer-actress went viral for doing her own take on the "Wednesday dance" craze.

When asked about Gaga's potential appearance on the show, Ortega said Netflix would love the idea of her becoming a mainstay in Season 2. She said: "I'm sure Netflix would love that."

Responding to the question about the Joker: Folie à Deux star's possible role, the 20-year-old actress said: "If Lady Gaga were to be a part, [she and Wednesday] would have to be two monsters that understand each other." Check it out here:

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Of course, given how Lady Gaga has always presented herself in an eccentric manner, it's already a no-brainer that she would fit the show like a tee. It's also a major plus that she looks to be a fan of the series so I don't think it would be that hard for Netflix to woo her into joining the show.

All episodes of Wednesday's first season are available to stream on Netflix.

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