Who Killed Eren in Attack on Titan?

Who Killed Eren in Attack on Titan?

Who Killed Eren in Attack on Titan?

Throughout Attack on Titan, Eren has transformed into the most dangerous character of the series. When he started the Rumbling, it was pretty clear that the only way to stop the genocide was to kill him. But does Eren die in Attack on Titan? If so, who killed him?

Spoiler Warning: This article contains major spoilers for Attack on Titan's ending!

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Does Eren Die?

Does Eren Die in Attack on Titan?
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In general, anime protagonists rarely die. Viewers are used to seeing the main character live to the end of the series, but Eren’s death in Attack on Titan reminded us once again that the shounen anime is different from others in the same genre.

Eren died in the final chapters of the dark fantasy manga, which also caused the Rumbling to stop. However, it was not the ending that Mikasa and Armin hoped for.

Nonetheless, both characters knew that it was the only way to give Eren the freedom he had always wanted.

But who killed him? Who had the mental and physical fortitude to stop Eren once and for all?

Who Killed Eren?

Who Killed Eren?
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Attack on Titan surprised viewers with its many unexpected plot twists. But one of the most shocking events was when Mikasa decided to kill Eren. This was even more surprising because, right from the start, Mikasa has shown her utmost loyalty to the anti-hero.

She was even willing to kill anyone just to protect him. Annie knew that Mikasa could kill all of them just to keep Eren safe, causing her to withdraw from the Alliance.

However, Mikasa’s choice towards the end freed both Eren and Ymir from their destinies.

The same choice also ended the Rumbling and the Power of the Titans, saving everyone from harm.

Why Did Mikasa Kill Eren?

Why Did Mikasa Kill Eren?
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While we all know how much Mikasa loved Eren, she must have realized that killing him was the only way to end the genocide. When the Alliance was on their way to confront Eren, he reminded them again that there was no way to stop the Rumbling.

But Mikasa and Armin were still hoping they could change his mind.

It appears that when they did face Eren, Mikasa realized what he truly meant with what he said -- that death was the only way to end all of it.

When he called the Alliance to the Paths, he said, "you are free to defend the freedom of the rest of the world”.

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This line might have been the hint for Mikasa to understand that she is the only person who could free Eren, considering that she is the strongest character left and is the woman Ymir has been waiting for.

He even implanted a dream sequence in her brain, telling her to forget about him -- another hint for her to finish the job.

And just like always, Mikasa understood what Eren wanted. She obviously did not like the idea, but her love for Eren is too strong to deny him the freedom he has always yearned for.

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