Who Dies and Who Survives in Attack on Titan?

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Who Dies and Who Survives in Attack on Titan? Mikasa
Credit: MAPPA
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There are many traumatic events in Attack on Titan that make us fear the fate of our favorite characters in both the anime and the manga. But by the end of this epic masterpiece, who dies and who survives in Attack on Titan?

Spoiler Alert: This article contains major spoilers that reveal the fate of your favorite Attack on Titan characters, whether they make it out alive or not.


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Does Eren Yeager Die?

Does Eren Yeager Die? Eren
Credit: MAPPA

Yes, Eren Yeager dies in Attack on Titan. It was a heartbreaking event in the manga that will give you goosebumps and make you cry for weeks.

The worst part is that Mikasa had to take Eren's life to give him what he truly wanted in life—freedom.

Imagine living your life within the confines of the walls, not knowing what the future will be when tragedy strikes. Imagine what it feels like to sit and wait for your death to arrive.

With so much pain and trauma in Eren's heart, only he can truly comprehend his actions.


Does Mikasa Ackerman Die?

Does Mikasa Ackerman Die? Mikasa
Credit: MAPPA

No, Mikasa did not die in Attack on Titan even after Eren Yeager died, despite popular belief that she would not survive a day without saying Eren's name or seeing his face. She died, however, of old age.

We all know how insane Mikasa can be when it comes to Eren, and it's impossible to predict what she'll do when he dies.

However, by the end of the manga, Mikasa was forced to let him go in order to make him happy.

Letting go is difficult, but if you care about the person, you should be happy for them, right?

Does Armin Arlert Die?

Does Armin Arlert Die? Armin
Credit: MAPPA

No, Armin did not die even after he had a hand-to-hand fight with Eren in their titan forms. While he is not the better fighter, he is able to immobilize Eren, allowing Mikasa to take his head.

Armin, like Eren and Mikasa, had a difficult life throughout the series.

He was once a soft and fragile boy, but after witnessing the horrors of death, he transformed into a strong individual capable of leading the Scout Regiment and the Alliance to victory.

Does Levi Ackerman Die?

Does Levi Ackerman Die? Levi
Credit: MAPPA

Thankfully, Levi Ackerman did not die in Attack on Titan, most likely because Hajime Isayama is concerned about the fangirls who will rally behind his final resting place.

I'm kidding, but we all know how everyone would react if the beloved captain followed Erwin Smith and Hange Zoe's footsteps.


Levi, on the other hand, is no longer the same person as a result of the Rumbling.

Of course, he no longer has to kill titans, but his glory days are over. Because of his injuries, he was confined to a wheelchair and was cared for by Gabi and Falco.

Does Jean Kirstein Die?

Does Jean Kirstein Die? Jean
Credit: MAPPA

Jean Kirstein, everyone's favorite horse-faced character, is still alive and well in Attack on Titan.

This is why fans believe he took advantage of the opportunity to court Mikasa, marry her, and start a family after Eren left the picture.

Jean's character development is one of the best in the series; from wimpy jerk to badass scout, all he did was help humanity, driven by his conscience and responsibility to his friends.

If you're curious about what Jean would look like as a titan, you'll have to wait for the anime to adapt it because he became one by the end of the series.

Does Connie Springer Die?

Does Connie Springer Die? Connie
Credit: MAPPA

Connie, Sasha's other half, lives in Attack on Titan! Even after becoming a titan alongside Jean, he managed to survive the rumbling!

Connie, like everyone else, had his share of traumatic events in his life. He discovered his village had been destroyed by titans, and he also witnessed the death of his best friend.

Fortunately, Connie's mother returns to her human form after the Power of the Titans is eliminated from the world.


Does Reiner Braun Die?

Does Reiner Braun Die? Reiner
Credit: MAPPA

Reiner may appear suicidal, but in Attack on Titan, he is still alive. He had several episodes in which he attempted suicide due to his guilt, but it was not enough to bring a tough man down.

Even after being overwhelmed by Eren's Founding Titan powers, Reiner was able to survive thanks to Annie, Gabi, Falco, and the rest of the alliance.

Who Dies in the Scout Regiment?

Who Dies in the Scout Regiment? Hange Zoe
Credit: MAPPA

The following scouts died in Attack on Titan:

  • Hange Zoe was killed by the Wall Titans.
  • Sasha Braus was killed by Gabi.
  • Erwin Smith succumbed to his wounds in the suicide charge against the Beast Titan.
  • Nanaba was torn apart by the titans after her gas ran out.
  • Micheal Zacharius was eaten by titans after his ODM gear gets removed by the Beast Titan.
  • Oruo Bozad was kicked by Annie’s Female Titan.
  • Petra Rall was crushed into a tree by Annie’s Female Titan.
  • Eld Gin was bitten in half by Annie’s Female Titan.
  • Gunther Schultz was killed by Annie’s Female Titan.
Who Dies in the Scout Regiment Female Titan
Credit: Wit Studio
  • Luke Cis was crushed by Annie’s Female Titan.
  • Dieter Ness was grabbed and flunked into the ground by Annie’s Female Titan.
  • Ilse Langnar was killed by a titan.
  • Moses was eaten by a titan off-screen.
  • Furlan Church was killed by a titan.
  • Isabel Magnolia was killed by a titan.
  • Darius Walbrunn was kicked by Annie’s Female Titan.
  • Mobil Berner was incinerated by the explosion caused by Bertholdt's Colossal Titan transformation.

Who Dies in the Military Police Brigade?

Who Dies in the Military Police Brigade? Nile Dawk
Credit: Wit Studio

The following military police officers died in Attack on Titan:

  • Marlo Freudenberg was hit in the head by boulders thrown by the Beast Titan.
  • Roeg turned into a titan and was killed by Keith Sadies.
  • Nile Dawk turned into a titan and was killed by Gabi Braun.
  • Kenny Ackerman succumbed to his wounds after Rod Reiss’ Titan transformation.
  • Caven was crushed by Rod Reiss’ titan transformation.
  • Duran was killed by Levi Ackerman's grappling hook.

Who Dies in the Garrison Regiment?

Who Dies in the Garrison Regiment? Dot Pixis
Credit: Wit Studio

The following garrison soldiers died in Attack on Titan:

  • Dot Pixis turned into a titan and was killed by Armin.
  • Hannes was bitten in half by the Smiling Titan.
  • Anka Rheinberger was killed by a titan.
  • Ian Dietrich was beheaded by a titan after saving a comrade.
  • Mitabi Jarnach was crushed by a titan.
  • Hugo was killed by a titan.

Who Dies in the Cadet Corps?

Who Dies in the Cadet Corps? Keith Sadies
Credit: Wit Studio

The following cadets and instructors died in Attack on Titan:

  • Keith Sadies sacrificed himself for the Alliance.
  • Hanna Diament was killed by a titan.
  • Ruth D. Kline was killed by titans off-screen.
  • Marco Bodt was torn in half by the titans due to Annie, Bertholdt, and Reiner’s betrayal.
Who Dies in the Cadet Corps Marco Bodt
Credit: Wit Studio
  • Tom was killed by a titan.
  • Franz Kefka was bitten in half by a titan.
  • Mina Carolina was eaten by the Peering Titan.
  • Milieus Zeremski was eaten by a titan.
  • An unusual titan devoured Thomas Wagner.
  • A titan swatted Nack Tierce.

Who Dies in the Marleyan Military?

Who Dies in the Marleyan Military? Theo Magath
Credit: MAPPA

The following soldiers died in the Marleyan Military:

  • Theo Magath sacrificed himself for the Alliance.
  • Koslow was killed by Mikasa.
  • Carlo was killed by Sasha.
  • Calvi is crushed by Eren’s Titan transformation in Liberio.

Who Dies Among the Marleyan Warriors?

Who Dies Among the Marleyan Warriors? Porco Galliard
Credit: MAPPA

The following warriors died in Attack on Titan:

  • Porco Galliard was eaten by Falco in his pure titan form.
  • Colt Grice was burned to death.
  • Udo was trampled to death.
  • Zofia, crushed by the debris caused by Eren’s titan transformation.
  • Bertholdt Hoover was eaten by Armin’s pure titan form.
  • Marcel Galliard was eaten by Ymir’s pure titan form.
  • Tom Xavier was eaten by Zeke Yeager.

Who Dies Among the Nobility?

Who Dies Among the Nobility? Ymir Fritz
Credit: MAPPA

The following nobles died in Attack on Titan:

  • Grisha Yeager murdered the Rod Reiss family, with the exception of Historia.
  • Historia slashed Rod Reiss's titan nape.
  • Karl Fritz was eaten by a descendant in order to pass on the powers of the founding titan.
  • The Tybur Family was killed by Eren’s titan transformation.
  • King Fritz and his daughters.
  • Ymir Fritz was eaten by her daughters.

Who Dies Among the Yeagerists?

Who Dies Among the Yeagirists? Floch
Credit: MAPPA

The following Yeagerists died in Attack on Titan:

  • Floch Forster was killed by Mikasa.
  • Samuel Jackson was killed by Connie.
  • Daz was killed by Connie.
  • Oliver was killed by Hange.

Other Deaths

Other Deaths Carla Yeager
Credit: Wit Studio
  • Carla Yeager was eaten by Dina Fritz’s Smiling Titan.
  • Grisha Yeager was eaten by Eren’s pure titan form.
  • Armin’s grandfather was killed off-screen by the titans.
  • Armin’s parents were killed by the military police in their attempt to escape the walls.
  • Mikasa’s parents were killed by bandits.
Other Deaths in Attack on Titan Grisha Yeager
Credit: MAPPA
  • Connie’s family, except his mother, was killed by scouts off-screen.
  • Father Nick was killed off-screen by the military police.
  • Kuchel Ackerman died from an unknown illness.
  • Eren Kruger was eaten by Grisha Yeager.
  • Darius Zackly was killed in an explosion caused by the Yeagerists.

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