Attack on Titan’s Military Branches, Explained: Which Should You Join or Avoid?

Attack on Titan’s Military Branches Explained: Which Should You Join or Avoid?
Credit: Wit Studio

Attack on Titan’s Military Branches Explained: Which Should You Join or Avoid?
Credit: Wit Studio

One of the most important factions in Attack on Titan is the military. It safeguards people and their resources and prioritizes everyone's safety at all costs. But which of Attack on Titan's military branches should you join or avoid?

The final season of Attack on Titan gives us a thorough look into the military and political factions in the series.

Everyone has their motives and reasons for deciding which side to take, regardless of whether they are a military officer, a scout, or so on.

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How to Become a Soldier in Attack on Titan

How to Become a Soldier in Attack on Titan? Eren
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Credit: Wit Studio

Before you can give your heart and soul to humanity, you must first join the training corps, where your combat potential and military instinct will be tested.

You will receive training and education that will expand your knowledge of military weapons and tactics. Simply put, the training corps attempts to turn recruits into soldiers.

You will be an easy snack for the Titans or a pawn for the abusive officers if you do not have the right mindset given to you by the instructors of the training corps.

Not a lot of people are cut out to become soldiers, and every day in the training corps, one or two soldiers quit because of the harsh environment.

The moment you quit the training, you can either work your life as a laborer or a farmer, who can only earn minimum wage if you’re lucky.

I’m pretty sure you don’t want a life like that. So, you need to step up your game during the training and aim to graduate within three years to be able to choose which branch you should join or avoid.

The chief general, Darius Zackly, whom we all know as the man who helped overthrow the corrupt government, oversees the three branches of the military.

Each of these branches poses varying degrees of danger, and it is up to you to pick your poison.

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Should You Join the Military Police Brigade?

Should You Join the Military Police Brigade? Nile Dawk
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Credit: Wit Studio

Many recruits aspire to join the Military Police Brigade because of the benefits it provides.

To join their ranks, you must first graduate from the training corps and be one of the top 10 recruits, which is a very difficult feat to accomplish.

After that, you can join the Military Police and serve the people within the innermost walls, particularly the King.

Be prepared for abusive officers and bureaucrats, as they spend their time gambling and drinking, leaving the recruits to do all the work.

Although they are the most elite police within the walls, their reputation is so bad that the people regard them as rotten and corrupt.

They use their power to exploit the people and their resources, raise taxes, and, when necessary, kill people.

Should You Join the Military Police Brigade?
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Credit: Wit Studio

They have enormous egos, but they are useless when needed. Because they had become too comfortable within the walls, they had forgotten how to fight the Titans, let alone know what to do during surprise attacks.

Worse, they are inept and inexperienced, spending people's money on their vices.

They may carry firearms, but they use them to wield power over the people rather than to protect them.

So, if you want to join the Military Police Brigade, think twice; chances are you'll be eaten by the Titans when they attack.

Be like Jean Kirstein, who avoided the ranks and joined the Survey Corps despite the risks.

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Should You Join the Garrison?

Should You Join the Garrison? Dot Pixis
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Credit: Wit Studio

For the recruits, the garrison may be the most practical option. Not only will you be able to work for the legendary Dot Pixis, but you will also be able to live a reasonably normal life within the walls.

You'll also be able to survive by fighting the Titans with various weapons, such as cannons.

You won't be as clueless as the Military Police Brigade, but you will be exposed to Titan combat.

With over 30,000 members, the Garrison is Attack on Titan's largest military branch.

Because few recruits are brave enough to join the Survey Corps, and only a few can join the Military Police, the Garrison is frequently the branch in which they are willing to enlist.

When you join the garrison, you will be in charge of the walls, including repairs, maintenance, and improvement.

You'll also be in charge of evacuation during attacks, so you should be aware of the strategies and courses of action that everyone should take.

Should You Join the Garrison? Dot Pixis
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Credit: Wit Studio

The soldiers in the garrison were previously known to be lazy, undisciplined, and unreliable, but since the Titan attack, they have become more focused, innovative, technical, and strategic.

It was a significant improvement, as they also do their best to assist the Survey Corps in any way they can.

You will be able to choose which of the three distinct lines of units to join under Dot Pixis' command.

If you join the vanguard, you will be in charge of the cannons as well as the start of the evacuation.

If you join the middle guard, you'll be in charge of fighting Titans who make their way through the vanguard.

Lastly, if you want to stay in the rear guard, you must be willing to risk your life to ensure that the gate at the next wall remains closed.

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Should You Join the Survey Corps?

If you're a huge fan of Erwin Smith or Levi Ackerman, then sign up as a Scout! After all, anyone can join the Scout Regiment, as few people are brave enough to confront the Titans head-on.

Erwin Smith commands only 300 soldiers, but they are among the most elite. However, keep in mind that the Survey Corps has a high mortality rate.

You will leave the walls alive, but it is not guaranteed that you will return home in one piece.

The Survey Corps is known for sending expeditions outside the walls to reclaim what humanity has lost, from Titan-infested lands to knowledge and information withheld from the people for over a century.

Despite having the best soldiers, the Survey Corps lacks adequate financial support.

Unfortunately, they do not have much public support, even though they are regarded as the wings of freedom, carrying humanity's hope.

Should You Join the Survey Corps? Armin Arlert and Erwin Smith
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Credit: Wit Studio

The citizens regard them as useless because the Survey Corps' expeditions rarely produce positive results.

Most of the time, they return empty-handed, frustrating citizens until they run out of patience, hope, and money to spend on taxes that fund the regiment.

This isn't to say that the Survey Corps are a bunch of ambitious fodder, because Erwin Smith has managed to create strategic formations that have reduced the regiment's fatality rate by 30%.

Hange Zoe has also studied various Titans to better understand their behavior, attitude, and biology.

Enlist in the Survey Corps at all costs if you are not in it for the money but for the betterment of humanity, as your service will be needed! Shinzou wo Sasageyo, it is!

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