Did Jean and Mikasa End Up Together in the Attack on Titan Finale?

Credit: Wit Studio

Credit: Wit Studio

The end of the Attack on Titan anime brings back major questions about the personal affairs of the main characters, including Mikasa and Jean. We all know that Jean is into Mikasa, but Mikasa's heart is with Eren. After Eren exits the picture, do Mikasa and Jean end up together in Attack on Titan?

Although Attack on Titan is not a shoujo or romance anime, fans can’t stop themselves from shipping characters one after another. Whether it is Armin and Annie (AruAni), Eren and Historia (EreHisu), or even Armin and Erwin (AruEru), fans expect that their ship will sail regardless of canon or not.

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Does Jean Like Mikasa?

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Quick answer: Yes, Jean likes Mikasa. She first got Jean’s attention when he saw her beautiful black hair. He even approached Mikasa and told her how gorgeous her locks were, to which Mikasa thanked him for a courteous response.

In the Attack on Titan OVA, Jean was seen sketching Mikasa’s face. He’s quite a good artist, though.

There are also a lot of times in the anime when Jean ends up getting jealous over the relationship between Eren and Mikasa. For example, Jean had a disgusted look after he overheard Eren telling Mikasa to cut her hair after telling Mikasa how gorgeous it looked on her.

Another example is when Mikasa holds Eren’s hand to stop him from bickering with Jean. He even shouted at Eren and told him that he was jealous.

In Attack on Titan Chapter 127, Jean envisions having a family with Mikasa. He believes that he earns this right after putting their lives on the line. This is clear evidence that Jean looks forward to having Mikasa in his life after the rumbling is over.

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Does Mikasa Hate Jean?

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Quick answer: No. Mikasa doesn't hate Jean. It’s just that Mikasa is so focused on Eren that everyone around her, except Armin, are just regular, normal people that she usually hangs out with.

After all, Eren is Mikasa’s number one priority, above any other thing in the world.

She doesn’t have time to hate Jean. It doesn’t mean that she particularly likes Jean either. Mikasa is just happy that Jean also protects Eren at the expense of his life.

For Mikasa, the more people who protect Eren from any means of harm, the better.

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Does Mikasa Like Jean?

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If we’re basing it on the anime, then no. Not at all. There is no romantic tension between Mikasa and Jean throughout the entire series. It was only one-sided for Jean. We all know that the idea of Eren being alive and well is isolated in Mikasa’s brain.

Mikasa’s only wish in life is to be with Eren forever. It sounds simple if only we were not aware of the events that followed the rumbling. Mikasa wants to continue living with Eren, while Armin is in the background.

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Does Mikasa End Up With Jean?

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It is unclear whether Mikasa marries Jean in both the manga and the anime. As the credits roll at the end of the anime, we see a woman who looks like Mikasa and a man who looks like Jean visiting Eren's grave.

Interestingly, they are holding a baby, which suggests that Mikasa and Jean do end up together. The same goes for the manga.

Even so, Hajime Isayama hasn't denied nor confirmed details about Mikasa and Jean's personal affairs, so we'll leave it for now.

Some fans say that it was Armin who was with Mikasa, while others theorize that the girl was not Mikasa at all and that it was Historia and Farmer-kun.

However, a lot of fans really think that it was Jean and Mikasa. They assumed that Jean pursued Mikasa and they got married years after Eren died.

If it’s true or later confirmed by Isayama, it will feel like the two had a forced development if we’re basing it on Mikasa’s attitude and personality.

There is no glimpse of romance between the two of them, especially on the side of Mikasa.

Anyway, what we want is confirmation from Isayama to finally end all the speculation on Mikasa and Jean’s fate after Eren has been out of the picture.

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