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Who Are the Original Nine Titans in Attack on Titan?

Attack on Titan follows a world where humanoid giants or Titans exist. It has been said that humanity is close to being extinct as these giants eat any human they see. This forced the remaining humans to form a civilization inside three giant walls to protect themselves from Titans. There are also a group of military who research about the Titans and fight these using Vertical Maneuvering Equipment.  

Eren Yeager is one of the citizens living in the said civilization. He used to live in the outermost wall. In 845, that particular wall was breached by two Titans and convinced Eren that he would do everything he can to eliminate these monsters. Little did he know that he is a Titan himself. As Eren became part of the military, he and his friends discovered that there are nine original Titans in their world.

  1. Founding Titan

    The Founding Titan has the ability to turn people, particularly the subjects of Ymir, into Titans just by screaming. It can also control the minds as well as the memories and bodies of other Titans. Take note that this can only happen if the Titan has royal blood or has contact with someone with royal blood.

    The Fritz family controlled the Founding Titan since they have royal blood. This is the reason citizens don’t recall too much of their past. Grisha Yeager was an Attack Titan. He ate Frieda Fritz, who has the Founding Titan powers and passed the powers (both Attack Titan and Founding Titan) to his son, Eren. This Titan is considered the strongest out of all the nine Titans.

  2. Armored Titan

    This Titan has an armor-like skin that is hardened, making the Titan look like a robot. To move, there are some parts of the Titan that are not hardened, which are also the weak points. It can also harden its feet and arms to create claws which helped the Armored Titan climb walls.

    With this, the Armored Titan is considered powerful when it comes to physical strength. Its hardened skin made it look hard to be injured which is the advantage of Reiner when he attacked the civilization.

  3. Attack Titan

    This Titan has the ability to see the memories of Titans. The user can see either the past or the future of the Titan inheritor and could use this guide to know the best next move. When Eren discovered that he is the Attack Titan, he used this to help his comrades. Unfortunately, since Attack Titan can see the memories of other predecessors, he used the powers of the Attack Titan to gain his freedom.

  4. Beast Titan

    The advantage of the Beast Titan is that its ability varies depending on the user. Little is known about this Titan even if it is one of the main antagonists in Attack on Titan. Tom and Zeke are the inheritors of this Titan. It has been said that it can take the physical characteristics of various animals. It can also communicate with other Titans.


  5. Cart Titan

    Unlike other Titans, the Cart Titan can stay transformed for a long time. It is quadrupedal and has great endurance. It can also transform hundreds of times without rest. In terms of speed, it can be likened to Jaw Titan.

    The Cart Titan is not that powerful in battle although it can be helpful as it can carry weapons. As mentioned, its speed can come in handy as a support for other Titans but it cannot be considered as powerful. Pieck has shown the importance of this Titan during fights.

  6. Colossus Titan

    This Titan can release huge amounts of steam from its body, much like a blast furnace. This was seen used by Bertholt and eventually Armin. Whenever this ability is used, the muscle tissue of the Titan is affected. It is enormous which gave the characters an idea that it is the biggest threat in the series. But as Eren and the others learned about the other Titans, the Colossus Titan didn’t seem as strong as the Founding Titan.

    Its size also caused it to move slow, giving the enemy a chance to find a way to knock it out. Despite this weakness, the Colossus Titan is still strong as its steam can cause explosions that can kill its enemies. The user can control its blast radius as well as transformation power.


  7. Female Titan

    It is known to inherit abilities faster than other Titans. Like the Armored Titan, Female Titan can also harden some of its parts for defense and even offensive attacks. Once it screams, it can summon Pure Titans which can be troublesome.

    Annie is the Female Titan user known in the series. She used her hardening ability to save herself, making her stay inside a crystal for many years. This made her weak and encouraged her to stop fighting.

  8. Jaw Titan

    Like the Cart Titan, Jaw Titan is fast. It has sharp and hardened teeth that can damage anything. Although this Titan is considered the weakest, its ability is helpful in battle. There are 4 inheritors of this Titan: Marcel, Ymir, Porco, and Falco. Each user maximized the power of Jaw Titan in battle.

  9. War Hammer Titan

    The greatest ability of the War Hammer Titan is that it can materialize weapons from its flesh. This can be controlled by the said Titan from afar as long as there is a cable of Titan flesh connected to the Titan and the weapon. The cable is protected by a crystal casing.

    The Tybur family controlled this Titan for years and was hidden from people. After Eren discovered the current user, he decided to eat the user to increase his power.

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