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Chainsaw Man’s Strongest Devils Ranked: Who is the Strongest?

Chainsaw Man’s Strongest Devils Ranked: Who is the Strongest?
Credit: MAPPA

With the release of Chainsaw Man in October, manga fans can't stop thinking about the devils in the series. From the Chainsaw Devil to the recently introduced War Devil, here are Chainsaw Man's strongest devils ranked!

As always, the ranking is solely my opinion and does not reflect that of the series creator. Because each devil in Chainsaw Man has different strengths and weaknesses, ranking them all is extremely difficult.

The War Devil is unranked in this list because it was only recently introduced. However, the war devil is thought to be on par with the bomb devil in terms of destructive power.

Who do you think is the strongest devil in Chainsaw Man?

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  1. Future Devil

    The Future Devil is the least violent devil in Chainsaw Man. We have rarely witnessed the future devil commit violent acts that endanger human life. except for Aki Hayakawa and its other contractors.

    While Aki has chosen to give up his right eye, the other two contractors have given up half of their lives as well as their senses of taste and smell.

    The Fear of the Future feeds the Future Devil. The devil frequently boasts about it, claiming that the future is the best. Because of its playful and cunning personality, it enjoys messing with people.

    Future Sight, which allows the contractor to see into the future, is one of the abilities of the future devil. This is demonstrated in Aki's fight against the Ghost Devil, in which he uses Future Sight to avoid all of its attacks.

  2. Eternity Devil

    You don't mess with a little devil's head, especially if it's the Eternity Devil's head.

    The eternity devil feeds on fear and eternity itself, whereas the future devil feeds on the fear of the future. The more fear someone feels, the more powerful the eternity devil becomes.

    In the Chainsaw Man manga, the Eternity Devil successfully enticed all of the Special Division 4 members.

    It instilled fear and panic among the members, prompting them to consider sacrificing Denji in order to survive.

    Denji fought the Eternity Devil for three days. Imagine the amount of effort and strength required to defeat the Eternity Devil!

  3. Cross Bow Devil

    The Cross-Bow Devil is a devil fused with the body of Quan Xi, a private devil hunter. Kishibe claims that Quan Xi is the most powerful hand-to-hand combat he has ever seen in his career.

    She excels at high-speed fighting, regeneration, and projectile shredding. She is so fast that when she attacks her enemies, she appears to be invisible.

    She, like Denji, is an immortal. If she dies, her devil will be reincarnated in either hell or on Earth, depending on where she died completely.

    Unfortunately, we haven't seen enough of Quan Xi's Cross Bow Devil highlights in the manga.

    All of the devil hunters in Chainsaw Man, however, regard it as extremely dangerous.

  4. Curse Devil

    The Curse Devil, as the name implies, feeds on people's fear of curses. Aki Hayakawa and Santa Claus are among its contractors.

    Aki wields the Curse Devil's power with his sword. Aki was able to pierce Katana Devil's body three times with his Curse Spike. Aki was able to defeat and kill the Katana Devil after successfully summoning the Curse Devil.

    Santa Claus, on the other hand, was able to pierce Denji four times without him noticing. Tolka's master was able to summon the Curse Devil against Denji, biting and killing him violently.

  5. Bomb Devil

    The Bomb Devil is one of Chainsaw Man's most popular devils. After all, it is fused with Reze's body, one of Denji's possible love interests.

    One of the weapon devils is Reze's Bomb Devil. The Devil's nature is so explosive and destructive that she was able to completely overwhelm Aki and Denji. Almost every part of her body has the potential to be turned into a bomb.

    If not avoided, everything from her decapitated head to her lower body could simply explode into pieces.

    She's also a good dodger. She was able to avoid every attack thrown at her by Aki's Fox Devil. In fact, Denji won't be able to touch Reze until Beam advises him.

    Her regenerative ability is also extremely fast. By transforming into the Bomb Devil, she can regenerate her decapitated head and body. In fact, unlike other devils, she can somehow regenerate her arm without drinking blood.

    The Bomb Devil, like Denji and Quan Xi, is immortal.

  6. Punishment Devil

    Not much is known about the Punishment Devil. However, it feeds off of people’s fear of punishment.

    In the manga, Makima battles the Gun Devil with the Punishment Devil. Makima was able to defeat the Gun Devil with the help of Aki's Future Devil, the Angel Devil, the Punishment Devil, and the Spider Devil.

    Despite the fact that little is known about the Punishment Devil, it is widely assumed to be a powerful devil capable of unleashing a barrage of attacks on the sought-after Gun Devil.

    Yutaro Kurose and Michiko Kendo are two of its contractors. However, little is known about their sacrifice to the Punishment Devil.

  7. Blood Devil

    The Blood Devil embodies humanity's aversion to blood. It resides with Power, Denji's crime partner, and close friend.

    Power can create weapons with her blood-bending abilities. Power can use her blood to defeat her opponents with anything from hammers and blades to spears. She can also stop someone from bleeding with just the touch of her hand.

    Her regenerative abilities, in addition to her superhuman abilities, are impressive.

    When Makima appeared to kill Power, she was able to survive on the drops of blood Denji had previously drunk.

    The best part is that she grew more powerful and stronger than ever before. It's also worth noting that she defied Makima's orders. Instead, she overwhelms her with the 1000 terrors blood rain.

    More importantly, Denji uses Power's blood to create the blood chainsaw, which he uses to defeat Makima and nullify her regeneration.

  8. Cosmos Devil

    You can only think about Halloween until the day you die!

    Because of her frequent use of the word "Halloween," the Cosmos Devil was initially misidentified as the Halloween Devil.

    However, as the plot progresses, the cosmic devil astounds us with its enormous strength and abilities.

    She forces her victim to understand everything in the universe by using her Total Understanding ability. This puts her victims in a semi-catatonic state where all they can think about is Halloween until they die.

    This explains why her victims only say "Halloween," and it is also said that Cosmos is affected by her own powers. Regardless, the cosmic devil is only a fiend. She is not in her true demon form.

    The cosmic devil, in her true form, can keep her train of thought as well as her own consciousness aligned, unlike its fiend form.

  9. Angel Devil

    The Angel Devil is one of Chainsaw Man's most unique and interesting devils. Angels, by definition, should be a source of hope rather than fear. However, in the real world, some people regard angels as God's wrathful soldiers.

    Furthermore, unlike other devils, the angel devil is not hostile to humans. However, the devil believes that it is only natural for humans to die from the pain.

    In terms of abilities, the Angel Devil is regarded as Special Division 4's second most powerful member, trailing only Kishibe.

    As seen in his battles with Reze and Santa Claus' puppets, he specializes in spear throwing as well as swordsmanship.

    It can absorb life spans with just physical contact, thanks to its enhanced and durable wings that can deflect any type of gunfire.

    Worse, it has the ability to transform their lives into weapons with supernatural properties. However, because of his previous trauma, the angel devil is hesitant to use this ability.

  10. Doll Devil

    The Doll Devil personifies the fear of dolls. It is one of Chainsaw Man's most powerful demons, whose terror has reigned supreme over humanity.

    Apart from the fact that it has a contract with Santa Claus, not much is known about it. However, it is still unknown whether Santa Claus is the doll devil himself or simply a fiend used to terrorize Denji and the others.

    In any case, the Doll Devil's power is so terrifying that it uses a swarm of people as puppets.

    When someone becomes a Doll Devil puppet, it spreads like wildfire. The curse will be transferred to another person by a single touch from an infected human.

    Worse, the Doll Devil's human dolls can use one of their arms as a blade, capable of piercing through armor. Unfortunately, victims of the Doll Devil cannot be returned to normalcy.

  11. Gun Devil

    The Gun Devil is one of Chainsaw Man's most powerful devils.

    At the start of the series, The Gun Devil was the most feared devil in the world at the start of the series, having annihilated 1.2 million people in just five minutes.

    As a result, the Gun Devil's reputation grew among survivors of the attack. Some of them become devil hunters in order to avenge loved ones who have died as a result of the Gun Devil's terror attack.

    This includes Aki, who by the end of Chainsaw Man Part One had evolved into the Gun Devil fiend. In any case, the Gun Devil's speed and accuracy allowed it to strike the victims' heads and hearts.

    It is so powerful that previous devil hunters were unable to save people from the Gun Devil's ultimate annihilation.

    The Gun Devil's power dwindles over time. Denji's Chainsaw Devil eventually skewered Aki's Gun Devil after its body was reduced to bullet-size bits.

  12. Hell Devil

    The Hell devil represents the fear of Hell. The Hell Devil first appeared in the manga as a terrifying centaur engulfed in flames.

    When summoned, the Hell Devil manifests as a massive hand with six fingers, capable of casting anyone into the depths of hell.

    The Hell Devil took a piece of the Darkness Devil after Santa Claus managed to contract the hell devil's powers in exchange for Denji's heart.

    Santa Claus and the Anti-Makima squad's six devil hunters are among its contractors. However, the hell devil's physical form has been cut into pieces by Denji's Full Devil form.

    According to one theory, the Hell Devil's strength is determined by the number of people offered in exchange for its power. The Hell Devil grows stronger as more people sacrifice their lives. However, it remains a mystery to this day.

  13. Control Devil

    The Control Devil is by far the most powerful antagonist in Chainsaw Man's Public Safety Saga. She personifies people's fear of control.

    Makima has seen everything, including Nazis, World War II, and AIDS. As a result, Makima intends to use Denji to erase all wrongdoings in the world.

    Makima was a powerful individual from the start. She can blast people and even make a hole in their bodies with her fingers.

    Worse, she has the ability to reflect damage! Makima's sense of smell is so acute that she can distinguish between humans and devils.

    Makima's most notable ability is her ability to manipulate both the minds and bodies of her victims.

    Anyone who is less powerful than Makima can be controlled. Not only that, but she has the ability to erase their memories and bind them like dogs in her chains.

    The best part about her power is that she can also channel the devil's contracts of those she has control over. What's more, she can actually fly!

    She is so overwhelmed that she has a high tolerance for alcohol. Just kidding!

  14. Darkness Devil

    The Darkness Devil represents the primal fear of darkness.

    Primal fears are by far the most powerful devils in Chainsaw Man. It is a transcendent being with powerful abilities that prevent it from dying.

    The Darkness Devil, with its incredible speed and strength, can easily dispatch all of the devil hunters, including Quan Xi, without breaking a sweat. Their arms had been severed before the devil hunters could react.

    The Devil can also use darkness and force to his advantage. The devil can envelop the surroundings in darkness while manifesting the bodies of several bisected astronauts using darkness manipulation.

    In addition, the Darkness Devil can summon a jet-black blade of darkness that can cause hemorrhage to anyone who comes into contact with it.

    In terms of force manipulation, the Darkness Devil can launch an offensive attack by sending an invisible force to significantly harm its victims.

  15. Chainsaw Devil

    Obviously, the Chainsaw Devil is the most powerful devil in Chainsaw Man.

    Not because he is the main character, but because nearly every demon on the list wishes to see him dead and his heart stripped out of his body.

    It is also regarded as the devil whom all devils fear. He can slaughter a swarm of demons without breaking a sweat and return unscathed.

    In his true devil form, the Chainsaw Devil is an unstoppable force, capable of severing the hell devil and skewering the Gun Devil. He is feared by devils because he has killed a large number of them in hell.

    Makima, in fact, is a huge fan of the Chainsaw Devil. Moreover, Denji survived and was resurrected after being wiped out by the Darkness Devil!

    His most notable ability is Devil Erasure, which allows him to consume other devils.

    Aside from his incredible strength and durability, Denji's healing ability is so enhanced that annihilating and destroying him becomes impossible.

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