Will the Hunger Devil or Death Devil Appear in Chainsaw Man?

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Will the Hunger Devil or Death Devil Appear in Chainsaw Man Makima
Credit: MAPPA

Now that Chainsaw Man is finally airing, fans of the manga are likely to wonder what devils they can expect to see in the upcoming Chainsaw Man episodes. For example, will the Hunger Devil and the Death Devil appear in Chainsaw Man?

Warning: There are major Chainsaw Man manga spoilers below.

Who Are the Hunger Devil and the Death Devil?

Who Are the Hunger Devil and the Death Devil Chainsaw Man
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Credit: MAPPA

The Hunger Devil and the Death Devil are two of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Based on the New and Old Testament's accounts of the four terrifying riders (found in the Books of Zachariah and Ezekiel, and later in Revelation), the four Horsemen in Chainsaw Man are powerful Devils.

What distinguishes them from other Devils is that they remember the names of the Devils that have already been devoured by Chainsaw Man, which might be an important plot point in the future given that the names of Devils that Chainsaw Man eats are otherwise forgotten.

The four Horsemen are the War Devil, the Death Devil, the Hunger Devil, and the Control Devil.

The first part of the Chainsaw Man manga ends with the revelation of Makima as the Control Devil, with Denji managing to annihilate her, after nearly losing everything he held dear because of her. 

Early in Part 2 of the manga, we meet the War Devil, aka Yoru, who is currently on a contract with a new main character, Asa Mitaka.

Asa herself is rather indifferent to Chainsaw Man, but Yoru is obsessed with the idea of destroying him.

Will the Hunger Devil Appear in Chainsaw Man?

Will the Hunger Devil Appear in Chainsaw Man Makima
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Credit: MAPPA

In Chapter 113 of the Chainsaw Man manga, the Hunger Devil, also known as the Famine Devil, finally makes an appearance.

For many people who are experiencing war, poverty, or other severe disruptions, hunger is a very real fear. No character in the manga and anime embodies this better than Denji.

Before merging with Pochita and taking up Devil Hunting work with public safety, Denji lived in extreme poverty, and there were many tasty foods -- even very common ones -- that he had never managed to try.

This explains his obsession with having as much delicious food as possible, which remains a constant throughout the manga.

Having seen the fear of starvation -- and what it made Denji do -- we think that he would have beef with the Hunger Devil, so a fight between the two of them would make total sense.

Like Makima and Yoru, the Famine Devil also has the form of a very young woman with similarly drawn eyes.

Her powers are currently unknown, but when Yuko transformed into the Justice Devil, the Famine Devil resurrected her for Asa's sake, claiming she was willing to do anything for her "little sister."

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Will the Death Devil Appear in Chainsaw Man?

Will the Death Devil Appear in Chainsaw Man
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Credit: MAPPA

The Death Devil is the one Horseman that has yet to make an appearance. The fear this Devil embodies is very common, not only in Chainsaw Man but in reality, too.

Throughout the Chainsaw Man manga, we have seen many characters trying to protect themselves and their loved ones from premature death, often tragically failing.

Having seen a variety of Devils cause the death of so many, it will be interesting to see the Death Devil itself, and, since the name has been mentioned, an appearance at some point doesn't seem out of the question.

At this point, we don't know for sure if and when each of these Devils will appear, or even what they are going to look like.

The manga has shown off its fair share of grotesque-looking Devils, as well as Devils that look as ordinary as regular humans.

Bear in mind that despite being collectively known as the four Horsemen, the War, Control, Death, and Hunger Devils do not function as cohesive units in the universe of Chainsaw Man, so they could look similar or completely different to Makima or Yoru.

Do you think that the Death Devil will also make an appearance soon? Let us know on Twitter!

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