The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus Shares More on Brand New World of Season 7

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Once The Walking Dead airs its first episode for its seventh season, we all know things will change.

For starters, that cliffhanger ending last season did not happen just so the showrunners can kill off a random character—at least they shouldn't. Negan's introduction is probably one that caused fans both excitement and dread, because we all know that one of the mainstays falls prey to his bat Lucille.

Now, while the question on everyone's minds is whether the series will stick with the comics or go its own way, star Norman Reedus gives fans a feel of how exactly the death will impact everyone else in the show.


Reedus, who plays the role of fan-favorite Daryl Dixon, spoke with Entertainment Weekly and described Negan's arrival to bring in Negan's Law.

"It's a brand new world right now. It's a complete change of power. Our world has been turned upside down, and that group of people have been fighting to have their feet firmly on the ground and have some sort of direction to live in and some sort of code to live by and moral compass… It was hard, and they had to go through things all the time, but they were on a path, and now that path has been ripped from their feet."

This sounds like a very heavy change, and from the looks of it, the change is not just because of a major character's death. One interesting thing that Reedus pointed out was the fact that Negan was able to shake up the cast, break up loyalties, and even destroy beliefs.

Again, this is quite the heavy change. I'm half-wondering how exactly showrunner Scott Gimple will manage to inject love and comedy into the mix of this angst and grimness.

From the looks of it, the decision on who to kill may be a good pace-changer for The Walking Dead. Since it has been quite a while since a death has dealt a very big blow to the gang, I'm not even sure who I want to die in the mainstays anymore.

The Walking Dead season 7 is premiering on AMC on Oct. 23.

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