James Gunn Urges Fans To Do This Intellectual Thing After He Was Questioned About His Adaptation

Not every Hollywood person has the energy to engage with online rumors, but James Gunn is not just one to straight up correct any wrong information; he also advises fans who seem to continue putting him on edge.

Fans are the ones who could make or break a franchise, and despite their significance, they could be hard to satisfy about how their favorite stories are being told on screen.

Some of them took to Twitter to express their frustration with Gunn's decision to change some of the specifics seen in the original Marvel comics for his Guardians of the Galaxy.

Cosmo is a male dog in the early Marvel comics. Gunn changed the canon to make her female to honor Laika, a Russian dog who became one of the first animals to travel to space.

Laika died a few hours into her historic journey, and Gunn's small revision of her comic book origins in his MCU movie at least tries to honor her sacrifice.

But some fans were dissatisfied with the director’s initiative. Among the complainants is user @Notgoingsane, who gave his two cents and refused to back down, which is enough to get the filmmaker’s attention.

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“But it makes no sense why to change it. Keeping it wasn't inaccurate as the comic is a male dog. It serves no purpose to change it. The original comic was a male dog. You are not "changing it back" because it was never a female in the first place. Only inspired by.” argued the Twitter user.

Gunn reasoned: “I’d rather honor the real dog who died in outer space. Cosmo would not exist without Laika. By the way, I changed Mantis, Drax, High Evo, and others from humans to aliens, which seems like a bigger change. Why does it upset you so much?”

Given that the fan is not stopping, Gunn bluntly responded to the fan’s unending query by pointing out the real definition of adaptation, which they should check in the dictionary.

@Notgoingsane then wrote, “Because the whole point of an adaptation is to adapt. You adapt the source material as I stated. And I hate comics changing established characters as well (unless they state it's a multiverse thing.)

“It’s always a multiverse thing. That’s what the MCU is - a different version of Earth 616. And, again, you should look up the meaning of “adapt.”” explained Gunn.

Some fans might understand where @Notgoingsane is coming from, citing that filmmakers should stay respectful of the source material. While others have understood Gunn’s justification and find it rather valid.

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