The Walking Dead Season 7 Trailer Also Teases Ezekiel and His Tiger

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AMC’s newest teaser clip at the San Diego Comic-Con have reminded The Walking Dead fans of the upcoming fate for one of the mainstays. Yet for sharp-eyed viewers, it also opens up a new path in the story by introducing Ezekiel.

As if the tension of the teaser wasn’t enough, what with all of the cleverly selected scenes that do not show any of the mainstays in season 7, we see Ezekiel at the end of the clip with his famed tiger, Shiva.

Comic book readers (heads up for spoilers) may know him as King Ezekiel. Even though he looks equally menacing with the dreads and that tiger beside his throne, he’s actually a friend to the main cast. He’s supposed to be a friend of Paul Monroe, whom everyone knows and calls Jesus. He’s also one of the characters seen fighting zombies in the trailer with his trademark long hair, beard, and beanie cap.




Considering how Ezekiel hates Negan and the Saviors, it’s not entirely possible that this season will be all about revenge for whoever is Lucille’s victim. The emotional reel at the start of the teaser just proves that whoever gets killed in that lineup will definitely hit the team big—perhaps enough to unite our heroes, the Alexandrians, and The Kingdom inhabitants into an all-out war.


As a teaser, producer Greg Nicotero did speak to about Shiva. The big question is whether Shiva will be a CGI animal or one that will be brought to life for real on screen. Nicotero did not expound on how the team will do this, but he confirmed that Shiva will be a combination of CGI and animatronics on set. The one in the teaser is just a sample that’s subject to change later on.

The Walking Dead will come back for its seventh run on Oct. 23.

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