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Star Wars Fans Are Furious With How Mark Hamill Was Treated After Carrie Fisher's Walk of Fame Ceremony

The news that Star Wars icon Carrie Fisher was finally receiving her Walk of Fame star made many fans happy, and of course, the important event was attended by significant individuals.

Alongside Fisher’s daughter Billie Lourd, the late actress’ co-star Mark Hamill was also present in the ceremony. All went well until Hamill was ambushed by fans as he was leaving the place.

In a viral video posted on Twitter, the actor was seen with fans surrounding the vehicle he’s reading as they chaotically asked for autographs.

As seen in the clip, Hamill tried to give the fans what they wanted until someone hurt the actor with one of the posters he was asking him to sign.

The video gathered numerous reactions, with most sympathizing with Hamill, as he doesn’t deserve to be treated like that, especially after an event as important as Fisher’s recognition.

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“I am beside myself. Inconsolably sickened. THIS IS NOT HOW TO TREAT YOUR HEROES. Everyone in this video owes @MarkHamill a written fucking apology for their greed and selfishness. How he manages to remain a kind soul after decades of this behavior toward him is beyond me.” wrote @skywalkuzzy.

Meanwhile, @TheFirstOkiro reasoned: “Mark Hamill didn’t have to come back for the sequels, the Mandalorian, or anything Star Wars related. He jokes, he memes, and he sends out positive messages and birthday wishes. He does this all because he cares & he’s kind. The least we can be is kind back. Don’t treat him like this.”

In the original tweet, the owner replied that the people who asked for the actor’s autograph are not actually fans but those who sell celebrities’ signatures online for an unreasonable amount of cash.

Before the saddening situation that Hamill experienced, he gave a touching message during the Princess Leia actress recognition.

“She was our princess, dammit! The actress who played her blurred into one gorgeous, fearlessly independent, ferociously funny, take-charge woman who took our collective breath away,” he said in his speech.

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