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10 Great Spy x Family Fanfiction to Read Right Now

Great Spy x Family Fanfiction to Read Right Now
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When Spy x Family debuted, the fandom almost immediately caught up with the big anime shows. Spy x Family fever spread from cosplay to roleplaying. What's more, fans began to create some fantastic Spy x Family fanfiction for everyone to read on the internet.

Of course, fanfiction is an integral part of any growing anime series. The more anime fans fall in love with it, the more they try to bring it to life, or, in most cases, to an alternate universe. It's no surprise that people are writing fanfiction to fill the void left by watching the anime and its characters.

Some fans attempt to crossover two separate anime shows into a single universe. For example, a crossover between My Hero Academia and Chainsaw Man, or the decades-old Naruto and Dragon Ball.

So, in this article, we've gathered some of the best Spy x Family fanfiction we've come across on the internet!

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  1. Preservations

    What started as a Twitter thread fiction became a short but sweet fanfiction on Archive of Our Own.

    In this fluffy fanfiction written by mika60, Loid Forger is contemplating his real feelings for Yor. When one of his fellow WISE agents came to him and expressed his interest in his pretend wife, Yor, Loid found himself torn.

    Despite it being a short read, Preservations made use of an original character (OC) named Noontide. If you want to see Loid jealous of another man, or competing for Yor's affections, this fanfic has it covered.

  2. Injured

    Because of the nature of their job, injuries are common for Loid and Yor in Spy x Family. But what happens if Loid is severely injured one day?

    Loid is found lying on the ground two blocks from their house in this angsty fanfiction written by Tuntunaa. Yor and Anya discovered him heavily wounded as a result of a botched side mission.

    If you want to know what Yor and Anya thought about Loid's secret identity, read Injured in Archive of Our Own. Fortunately, the fan fiction has already been completed, with 15 chapters released.

    Injured also has a spin-off story called The Life and Times of a Power Couple (and their Family).

  3. Common Classmates

    We all know that Anya and Damian are classmates at Eden Academy. But have you ever wondered what would happen if Yor and Loid went to Eden Academy together?

    Loid and Yor attend Eden Academy together in this fanfiction written by toasted_french. As the title suggests, Common Classmates focuses on Loid and Yor's experiences as classmates.

    Common Classmates is full of romantic fluff and comedy, from Yor eating lunch with Loid to the two of them going to the aquarium together. Not to mention that Franky plays a significant role in the fan fiction!

    As of this writing, Common Classmates has published 17 chapters on Archive of Our Own. Unfortunately, the author does not update on a regular basis, but the wait is still worthwhile.

  4. The Telekinetic Son

    In Spy x Family, Anya's backstory is tragic and sad. Anya had been through a great ordeal. From being a test subject to jumping from one orphanage to another.

    However, Anya appears to have an older brother in this fanfiction written by Bad Ass Female Fighter on!

    In The Telekinetic Son, meet Eric! He is one of the test subjects who escaped with Anya. Eric, unlike Anya, has the ability to move objects without touching them. Loid Forger adopted them both to infiltrate Eden Academy.

    What will become of the inexperienced father who is forced to adopt two gifted children? Can Loid deal with them properly? It will undoubtedly be a difficult task!

  5. The Spy Who Loved Me

    When working undercover, Loid must be careful not to make any mistakes. To rule out any mishaps, he needs to have the most active mind possible.

    Loid, on the other hand, was stabbed with a truth serum in this fanfic written by orphan_account in Archive of Our Own.

    The Spy Who Loved Me, the title of the fan fiction, has nothing to do with the events of the 1977 James Bond film. It is centered on Loid Forger being stabbed by a truth serum and the events that follow.

    The Spy Who Loved Me is full of fluff and pleasant surprises, starting with Loid's being completely honest in front of Anya and Yor. If you want to see Loid acting out of character for a change, then go ahead and read this one!

  6. Papa’s Ex-Girlfriend

    Do you ever wonder about Loid Forger’s failed relationships? They are all obviously failures because he only uses his ex-girlfriends as pawns, but what if one of them returns?

    Karen appeared in front of Loid's house after he abandoned his previous disguise as Robert!

    In this fanfiction written by Lacrow in Archive of Our Own, Yor Forger comes face-to-face with Karen, Loid's ex-girlfriend. The crazy ex is back! Karen is determined to win back Robert, the man she was supposed to marry!

    Fortunately, Papa's Ex-Girlfriend is already finished, with seven chapters published. So, if you want to see a jealous Yor instead, add it to your fanfiction collection!

  7. Past the Point of No Return

    Since they met at Eden Academy, the amount of fan fiction about Anya and Damian has grown. One of them is titled Past the Point of No Return and was written in Archive of Our Own by sunshine_and_gunpowder.

    In Past the Point of No Return, Damian and Anya are seen together in a library during winter break. The fanfiction retells a few pivotal moments between Anya and Damian. It's a quick read, but it's packed with wordplay and theatrics.

  8. Through the Tinted Glass

    One of the most anticipated moments in Spy x Family is the reveal of everyone's secret identity. However, as of this writing, the Forgers in the Spy x Family manga have yet to discover each other's secrets.

    So, in this fanfiction titled Through the Tinted Glass, submissive_escargot chose a different path. Loid, unbeknownst to Yor, is already aware of her double life. Loid not only knows about her assassin cover, but he also does an excellent job of keeping his own secret from Yor.

    What will happen in such a one-sided reveal? What is Loid Forger going to do? Find out on Through the Tinted Glass in Archive of Our Own!

  9. A to Z: Twenty Six Dates

    Loid Forger is an ordinary man in this alternate universe. He is neither a spy nor a psychiatrist. What he requires is money, shelter, and the presence of his adopted daughter, Anya. So, in A to Z: Twenty Six Dates, writer rinahanaaa introduces Yor into the picture to spice things up.

    Loid Forger and Yor met after being pressured by Anya and Frankie to find a life partner. Loid and Yor tested the waters on their 26 dates to see if the two of them could get together and eventually marry!

  10. The Reincarnated Spy Wants a Peaceful Family Life in Another World

    The Reincarnated Spy Wants a Peaceful Family Life in Another World is an isekai fanfiction and one of the longest Spy x Family fanfictions on our list!

    In this fanfic, author ruff_ethereal decided to change Loid Forger's fate. Agent Twilight is reborn in another strange and dangerous world after being killed in the ensuing explosive and fiery demise of Berlint.

    Aside from having a magical orphan and a mysterious wandering woman by his side, Loid gained new magical powers there. While Loid has made the decision to leave his past behind, dangerous foes are forcing him to go back to his old ways!

    The Reincarnated Spy Wants a Peaceful Family Life in Another World is still ongoing, with 35 chapters released as of this writing. Fortunately, the author keeps the fan fiction up-to-date.

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