Do Loid and Yor Fight Each Other in Spy x Family?

Do Loid and Yor Fight Each Other in Spy x Family?
Credit: Wit Studio / Cloverworks

Do Loid and Yor Fight Each Other in Spy x Family?
Credit: Wit Studio / Cloverworks

Spy x Family has been taking the anime community by storm as the Forger family’s adventures unfold in Ostania. With that said, the Forger family is a peculiar one, as Loid is a secret spy, Yor is an undercover assassin, and Anya is a secret mind reader. One way or another, if the Forgers find out about each other as the story unfolds, do Loid and Yor fight each other in Spy x Family?

This will be an interesting plot narrative in Spy x Family, as fans anticipate the advancement of Loid and Yor's relationship with one another.

In case you missed it, Spy x Family is one of the most widely anticipated anime series of the spring season, with the vast majority of the anime community putting it first on their watchlist.

With that said, beware of anime spoilers because this article will discuss some events from the Spy x Family manga.

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Do Loid and Yor Fight Each Other in Spy x Family?

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Credit: Wit Studio / Cloverworks

Yor fights Loid drunkenly as "Yorticia," the world's deadliest witch, in the Admissions Interview Arc.

After the three of them have been interviewed, Anya successfully enrolls in Eden Academy. Franky, on the other hand, encourages Anya to ask Loid for a reward.

On that note, Loid allows Anya to play the role of a princess, just as Princess Honey did in Anya's favorite show, Spy Wars.

Moving forward, Loid orders all spies stationed in Ostania to report to the castle and pose as the evil forces holding Princess Anya hostage. Meanwhile, Loid will play a spy who will save Anya from the agents.

Yor, on the other hand, will be on the opposing side, as a member of the League of Evil forces.

Finally, Yor fights Loid after the latter has become heavily intoxicated. She attacks Loid with rapid kicks, which he barely avoids. Yor, in fact, left Loid with a bleeding cut on his cheek.

Fortunately, Yor's left shoe heel snaps, sending her backwards and eventually falling asleep.

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Who Would Win in a Fight Between Loid and Yor?

Do Loid and Yor Fight Each Other in Spy x Family? Who Will Win in a Fight?
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Credit: Wit Studio / Cloverworks

Yor, with her precision and lethal killing skills, is the clear winner if only their jobs are viewed.

However, there are numerous factors to consider when it comes to Loid and Yor's strengths. They have different abilities because one is a covert spy and the other is an assassin.

Yor is an overpowered individual with immense strength, agility, and resistance, whereas Loid is more analytical and practical. If they fight head to head, Loid will lose the match.

Yor, on the other hand, will be at a disadvantage if Loid is given time and distance. In reality, it all depends on the circumstances.

Yor, in fact, has a high level of resistance, particularly to poison. This relates to her mastery of acupuncture, which she employs in her assassinations. However, Yor has a drinking weakness.

When comparing it to Superman and Batman, Yor would be Superman and Batman would be Loid. Everything about this suggests a battle of brains versus brute force.

If we compare their physical strength, Yor will easily win the fight. However, when it comes to brains, Loid has the upper hand thanks to his mind games and tactics.

In any case, we all know how Anya will intervene to put an end to her adoptive parents' feud. Anya will almost certainly win in the end!

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