The 20 Best Detective Anime You Should Watch

The Best Detective Anime You Should Watch
Credit: CloverWorks

The Best Detective Anime You Should Watch
Credit: CloverWorks

Mystery anime with a detective theme have a timeless appeal to viewers. These shows have a distinct charm that entices you to watch more of their episodes. Here are the best 20 detective anime series you should watch.

This list includes new anime in addition to popular series such as Detective Conan, Psycho-Pass, Hyouka, Bungou Stray Dogs, and Terror in Resonance. I'm pretty sure you've already seen them, so they won't be included.

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  1. Kaze no Yojimbo

    Kaze no Yojimbo is a dark mystery and drama anime centered on the main character, George Kodama. To solve a mystery from his past, George travels to Sagaru City with only one clue in hand: the name Araki Genzou.

    It will be a difficult task because George Kodama is not well-liked in the city. He becomes entangled in the conflict between the Tanakura and Ginzame factions.

    George began working as a bodyguard in order to discover the town's secret and the truth.

  2. Strange+

    Strange+ is a comedy and slice-of-life anime about the brothers, Kou and Takumi.

    Takumi went missing one day, prompting Kou to search for his older brother.

    While he believes Takumi's life is in danger, Kou easily locates him in a short period of time.

    Takumi eventually became the head of the Mikumi Detective Agency. Kou will join the agency if he is unable to persuade his brother to return home.

  3. The Perfect Insider

    The Perfect Insider is a violent mystery and detective anime starring Souhei Saikawa and Moe Nishinosono. Souhei is an architecture professor, and Moe is a math prodigy and Souhei's assistant.

    After discovering the deceased body of a brilliant programmer, Shiki Magata, the two of them become entangled in a complex series of web events and mysteries. They intend to work together to uncover the truth behind human anomalies and solve murder cases.

  4. Master Keaton

    Taichi Keaton, an insurance investigator and former British special operative, is the protagonist of Master Keaton, a detective anime.

    Taichi, despite being an insurance investigator, is very interested in history and archaeology, which explains his university teaching jobs.

    Don't be misled by his job title; he's not an insurance investigator who fills out insurance forms and writes reports. Taichi becomes involved with Russian mafias, murder cases, and various terrorist plots as an insurance investigator!

  5. Birdy the Mighty: Decode

    Birdy the Mighty: Decode is a body-sharing-themed action, sci-fi, and detective anime.

    Birdy Cephon, a former Intergalactic Federation investigator and a woman of justice, is the protagonist of the anime.

    Birdy accidentally kills Tsutomu Senkawa, an ordinary student with a penchant for abandoned houses, in an unexpected turn of events.

    Birdy and Tsutomu are currently sharing the former's body, while Tsutomu's is being rebuilt in a distant location. Birdy controls her body when duty calls, while Tsutomu gets his chance during the day.

  6. The Files of Young Kindaichi

    Released in 1997, The Files of Young Kindaichi remains a relevant detective anime up to this day. The anime follows the grandson of the famous detective, Kousuke Kindaichi, Hajime.

    Despite being lazy and clumsy at school, Hajime is a very intelligent young man with an IQ of 180. With the help of his childhood friend, Miyuki, Hajime solves difficult mysteries from one case to another.

  7. Cuticle Detective Inaba

    Cuticle Detective Inaba differs from the other detective anime on this list. It is a comedy anime set in a world where humans and chimeras coexist. The anime follows Hiroshi Inaba, a lone wolf detective with a unique method of solving mysteries.

    Inaba uses his ability to extract information by examining and tasting someone's hair to solve cases. In this detective anime, follow the cuticle detective, Inaba, as he takes on the half-goat crime boss!

  8. Hamatora

    Hamatora is an action and drama anime that follows the detectives Nice and Murasaki. The anime is set in a world where small miracles known as Minimum have manifested among humans. It is a superpower that has only been bestowed upon a select few.

    The anime follows Nice and Murasaki, the detective duo known as Hamatora. One day, they get a job related to the serial killer who has previously been investigated by their police friend, Art.

  9. Psychic Detective Yakumo

    Psychic Detective Yakumo is a supernatural detective anime series. It follows Saitou Yakumo, a man who can see and communicate with dead souls.

    Despite being a distant and cunning high school student, Yakumo uses his supernatural abilities to solve one paranormal case after another.

    However, if Yakumo does not stop the sinister duo who are currently targeting him and his abilities, he will be dragged into a world of darkness and hatred.

  10. Detective Academy Q

    Detective Academy Q is a classic anime that follows Kyu, an aspiring detective who enjoys solving mysteries.

    After assisting in a murder investigation, he is given the opportunity to attend the prestigious Dan Detective School (DDS).

    The Dan Detective School is a well-known detective school founded by the infamous investigator Dan Morihiko. Together with Kyu's classmates, they embark on incredible adventures centered on solving difficult cases and crimes that come their way.

  11. Demon Prince Enma

    Demon Prince Enma is a bloodthirsty and explicit detective anime with a lot of nudity that is not for the faint of heart.

    The anime revolves around the Enma Detective Agency, which is made up of four grown demons: Enma, Yuki-hime, Kapaeru, and Grandpa Chapeuji.

    The Enma Detective Agency's mission is to stop demons from escaping the underworld and causing humans to commit suicide.

  12. Heaven’s Memo Pad

    Heaven's Memo Pad is a mystery and detective anime that follows the NEETs, a group of detectives.

    While the NEETs are assumed to be gardening club members, the brilliant detective Alice leads the club members in solving the strange mystery of Angel Fix.

    Angel Fix, it turns out, is an illegal drug that drives people insane. The band of detectives hopes to put an end to the strange mysteries that come their way with the help of a new member, Narumi Fujishima.

  13. Vatican Miracle Examiner

    Another one-of-a-kind show on this list is The Vatican Miracle Examiner. It is distinguished by a number of psychological and religious elements that set it apart from the rest.

    The anime follows the Assembly of Saints, a secret organization dedicated to investigating reports of miracles.

    Robert Nicholas, an archivist and cryptanalysis expert, and Josef Kou Hiraga, a brilliant scientist, make up the Assembly of Saints. They embark on a journey to discover the truth behind God's miracle work.

  14. Haruchika: Haruta & Chika

    Haruchika is a mystery and detective anime that follows the Wind Instrument Club's members. While the members of the club appear to be ordinary students, they are actually a group of detectives who solve one mystery after another in school.

    The anime follows Haru and Chika, two childhood friends who try to recruit members in order to save the Wind Instrument Club while also saving the mysteries that have shocked the school.

  15. Gosick

    Gosick is a historical and European-styled anime that follows Victorique and Kazuya, a detective duo. They bond by solving terrifying and dangerous cases that even the local detective, Grevil, is unable to solve.

    Despite being shunned by his peers, Kazuya discovers Victorique's lush botanical garden on top of the library by accident. There is no spine-chilling case that can separate them from their friendship.

  16. Mouryou no Hako

    Mouryou no Hako is a horror and detective anime that follows the stunning escapades of Morihiko Toriguchi, a news editor, and Tatsumi Sekiguchi, a crime fiction writer.

    The onmyoji, Akihiko Chuzenji, Morihiko, and Tatsumi explore the strange and inexplicable events that occurred in Musashino and Mitaka between August and October 1952 with the help of the onmyoji.

  17. Un-Go

    The anime follows Shinjirou Yuuki, a defeated detective who works with his intriguing assistant Inga to solve mysterious cases.

    After his rival, Rinroku Kaishou, frequently gets ahead of him, Shinjirou acquires the moniker of the defeated one.

    Despite this, Shinjirou and Inga are determined to learn the truth about some of history's most difficult and frightening situations. Shinjirou hopes to use Inga's abilities to push people to disclose the truth to reveal the genuine culprit in the cases they take on.

  18. Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok

    If you enjoy myths and legends, the plot of Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok will keep you entertained. Norse Mythology characters, magical elements, and otherworldly beings all appear in the anime.

    Loki, the God of Mischief, is exiled to the world of mortals in this anime. They solve mysteries on a regular basis with the help of Mayura, a mystery-loving girl, and eventually find a means to restore Loki to the realm of the gods.

  19. Steam Detectives

    The anime follows Narutaki, a young smart investigator who sets out to stop wicked people from wreaking devastation with steam-powered robots.

    A series of villains appear from one area to another in a world where coal is the primary source of fuel and steam technology has advanced.

    Narutaki and his buddies work together with the nurse Ling Ling and the megamaton robot Goriki to keep Steam City protected from all evil forces.

  20. The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited

    The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited is a detective and action-comedy anime with many mature themes, including suicide. So, a disclaimer is issued.

    The anime follows Daisuke Kambe, a wealthy detective who uses his riches to solve crimes.

    While Daisuke's unconventional manner can solve crimes, Haru Kato, who is empathetic, sees him differently. They may butt heads along the way, but their goals are the same.

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