Does Anya Get into the School in Spy x Family Explained

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Does Anya Get into the School in Spy x Family Explained?
Credit: Wit Studio / Cloverworks

The Spy x Family fever continues as the Forger family prepares for the most important interview of their lives. Loid Forger has worked tirelessly to prepare his adoptive daughter, Anya, and his fictitious wife, Yor, for the Eden Academy admissions process. So, does Anya get into school in Spy x Family? Did they complete the first phase of Operation Strix?

Spy x Family is the spring anime season's frontrunner. It is a Cold War-inspired action-comedy anime centered on the fictitious Forger family. Loid is a covert spy, Yor is an assassin, and Anya is a hidden esper.

It is a strange family that seeks to complete Loid's mission, Operation Strix, and lay low Yor's job. Will they ever learn the truth about each other?

This article will mention spoilers, so a disclaimer is raised.

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Eden Academy Admissions Explained

Does Anya Get into the School in Spy x Family? Eden Academy Admissions Explained
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Credit: Wit Studio / Cloverworks

Loid's mission as part of Operation Strix is to find a child to enroll in Eden Academy. It is the most prestigious school in Berlint, Ostania, and it is home to the most distinguished students.

Because of the Eden Academy's prestigious status and reputation, prominent families from all over the country yearn to enroll their children in the institution.

Eden Academy, despite its wealth and social standing, is not easily swayed, especially by money and hierarchy.

Enrolling in a school is a difficult task. In Spy x Family Episode 3, the Forger family clearly shows this. Getting into the school will not be solely the responsibility of the child, but of the entire family.

The first step toward admission is passing the written entrance examinations. Following the student's passing, his or her family will be invited to an interview, which will include the attendance of both parents.

It is made clear that the Eden Academy selection process begins the moment a student walks through the school's doors. A large number of teachers and observers will be assigned to keep an eye on each family as they make their way to the school buildings. They will also face numerous challenges that will either harm or benefit their family's standing.

Following the evaluation of each family, the successful candidates will be invited to the official interview. The panel is made up of three school representatives. The interview will determine their parenting style, reasons for entering the school, and some personal questions here and there.

The elegant housemaster, who is also the director of the exams, the kind and warm-hearted headmaster of the fifth hall, and the only son of the previous headmaster of Eden Academy, who is known for his bad traits, are part of the panel. Following that, each family will be given a score based on their evaluation.

The successful list of students will be posted once the results are tallied. Eden Academy, as is customary, maintains a highly confidential waiting list. If an accepted student withdraws for any reason, the administration will offer the spot to one of the students on the waiting list.

Does Anya Get into the School in Spy x Family?

Does Anya Get into the School in Spy x Family-1
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Credit: Wit Studio / Cloverworks

Anya Forger successfully gets into the school in Spy x Family despite having a lot of trouble with the Eden Academy admissions.

Anya's foster father, Loid Forger, is a very hands-on parent. When it comes to teaching Anya important school subjects, he is very attentive and responsible. Math, science, history, and reading are among the subjects he teaches to Anya.

Despite her displeasure, Anya obeys her father's orders. She initially relies on her mind-reading ability, but eventually gives in to her hard-earned knowledge.

Anya just barely passes the Eden Academy entrance exams. After the results were posted on the board, she received a score of 31. Moving forward, Loid convinces Yor Briar to play Anya's mother in the Eden Academy interview admissions. Loid double-checked that he had taught everything he knew to his fictitious family.

As soon as the Forgers walk through the school's doors, their performance is put to the test during the interview process. Loid and Yor were aware that they were being watched as they walked.

Thanks to their keen senses as undercover spies and assassins, Loid realizes that the observers are members of the faculty of the school.

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Credit: Wit Studio / Cloverworks

One of the most significant things the Forger family did was make a vow in front of the school's founder's statue. This distinguished them in the eyes of the elegant headmaster, who later developed sentiments for the family.

Along the way, they come across a helpless child who is trapped in one of the school's muddy canals. Despite being aware that they are being tested, Loid assists the child. Loid pulls out another set of formal clothes to change into after his previous ones were soiled in the process because they expected it.

In addition, the Forgers become involved with the animals that have escaped from the school's farm. Yor, on his own, calms the situation this time by pressing the pressure points of the rowdy cow at the front of the pack.

With that, the elegant headmaster dashed to greet the Forgers. Loid and Yor, surprisingly, pack another set of clothes to change into as part of their preparation.


In the actual interview, the Forgers make a strong first impression of Loid's communication skills. Meanwhile, Yor and Anya pull it off exactly as planned. However, the headmaster's son provokes the Forger family, causing the ambiance of the room to shift.

Does Anya Get into the School in Spy x Family-3
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Credit: Wit Studio / Cloverworks

After Anya began crying and Yor assumed her assassin position, Loid punched the table so hard that it broke. Before leaving school and returning home, he proudly stands with his family and confidently criticizes the troublesome headmaster.

In the days that followed, the Forgers were unable to locate their application number (K-212) on the list of successful examinees.

Apparently, Anya appears to have risen to the top of the waiting list. She got a high score for Loid's violent gesture of killing the mosquito on the table.

Loid receives a phone call from Eden Academy just as Yor is about to assassinate someone in order to clear one spot for her daughter Anya. As it turns out, someone withdrew their application, giving Anya a special spot in the academy.

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