Deformed Sports Festival Bocchi Figure Now Available

Bocchi sports festival figure hitori gotoh

Bocchi sports festival figure hitori gotoh

In case you can’t get enough Bocchi merch, here’s some good news for you. Aniplex+ recently unveiled the latest Bocchi the Rock! figure, which is an accurate recreation of Hitori Gotou’s deformed sports festival look.

If you ask fans about the most memorable scenes from Bocchi the Rock!, many will likely say that Bocchi’s sports festival delusion was among them.

After all, it is one of the most creatively animated scenes in the anime.

Bocchi’s Sports Festival Trauma

bocchi the rock sports festival
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In the first season, there are countless memorable Bocchi faces that may even rival that of Anya's from Spy x Family. Though what Bocchi has over Anya is that even her shape changes to match her mood.

For instance, Bocchi glitches out when she’s asked to make her own isosta account. Bocchi also makes the jump to stop-motion when she relived her trauma after Kita and Nijika mentioned a sports festival.

Aside from coming in at a funny moment, the scene is also noteworthy for the sheer amount of effort that the animators over at CloverWorks put in for such a short scene. After all, they had to make an actual zoetrope to create the effect.

While Bocchi the Rock! doesn’t have a sports festival arc, Bocchi did withdraw into her mind after hearing about sports festivals. In her stop-motion inner world, Bocchi was transformed into a deformed shape.

Aside from the zoetrope scene, this deformed Bocchi was also used in other scenes, including one that depicts the Game of Life board game, ending with Bocchi having a depressed adult life.

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Bocchi the Rock! Hitori Gotou Sports Festival Figure

bocchi the rock hitori
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If you ever wanted to recreate the zoetrope scene, or if you just want Bocchi to relive her school trauma, this new Aniplex+ figure is right for you.

Recently, Aniplex+ revealed the "Hitori Gotou Deformed Figure Set Sports Festival Delusion Ver." figure, which is an accurate replica of the depressed Bocchi in the sports festival scene.

Unlike the recently revealed Nendoroid Hitori Gotou, this figure is not poseable and has no face plate options.

Though what gives this deformed figure an edge is that it comes with acrylic stands featuring the sports festival students in Bocchi’s traumatic memory.

This new Bocchi figure is available for pre-order now until May 22, 2023, on the Aniplex+ web store.

The figure is priced at JPY 5,500 (around USD 41.5) and is scheduled to release in November 2023.

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