Bocchi the Rock! Creator Reveals Hitori’s Wildly Different Original Design

Bocchi the Rock Original Design Hitori

Bocchi the Rock Original Design Hitori

As one of 2022’s biggest surprise hits, Bocchi the Rock! fans have dug up some interesting details related to the series. One of these is about Bocchi the Rock! creator Aki Hamaji who shared Hitori Gotou’s original design.

Specifically, Hamaji shared the original look of Hitori Gotou (aka Bocchi) via Twitter, though it was shared way back in 2018.

But it’s only now that interest in the series has skyrocketed that fans have noticed it.

Bocchi’s Anime vs. Manga Design

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While the anime series has been praised by critics and fans for its inventive animated sequences, many have noted how the anime’s design differs noticeably from the manga.

For one, fans have compared how cutesier the manga’s art style is compared to the anime.

There are also those who noted how Bocchi’s chest is much smaller in the anime compared to the manga, especially in Episode 11.

There are some viewers who complained about the departure in the art style, with some joking about how they’re not happy with the anime nerfing Bocchi.

Though for the most part, fans are happy with the change, with the sentiment being that the anime’s look matches Bocchi’s story more.

In a previous interview, the anime’s staff also mentioned the change in art style.

They specifically said that the characters in the anime had fewer lines as the comedy scenes and slapstick moments needed a lot of movement.

If they were to have retained the manga’s art style as close as possible, it would’ve been difficult to animate some of the anime’s crazier moments.

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Aki Hamaji’s Original Bocchi Design

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The manga’s art style is already cutesier, but Hamaji revealed that Bocchi initially looked even more adorable in her original designs.

On her personal Twitter account, Hamaji shared back in 2018 a look at the original Bocchi design that she submitted to the publisher Houbunsha.

However, it was rejected by the editor, so a new design was made.

As you can see, Bocchi looked even cuter here. And while she’s still wearing her pink jacket, she’s just wearing a short skirt (that’s rather revealing) instead of a skirt over pink sweatpants.

On Reddit, fans noted that Bocchi here looked like the child of Hitori and Ikuyo Kita.

Many also remarked that while it’s a cute design, the current Bocchi look is much better as it fits her extremely introverted personality more.

Right now, fans are hoping for a Bocchi the Rock! Season 2, though there’s no word yet on whether it will be renewed for another cour.

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Source: Aki Hamaji's Twitter account

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