Nendoroid Bocchi the Rock! Figure Comes With Hitori's Iconic Faces

Bocchi the Rock! Nendoroid Hitori Gotoh

Bocchi the Rock! Nendoroid Hitori Gotoh

There’s no Season 2 announcement yet, but fans are being treated to even more Bocchi merch. The latest is this new Bocchi the Rock! Nendoroid of Hitori Gotou that comes with her iconic faces.

Similar to other Nendoroids, this chibi-style figure of Bocchi comes with several accessories.

Though the main highlight is no doubt the selection of alternate faces that faithfully recreate Hitori’s funny and awkward looks.

Bocchi the Rock! Merch

bocchi the rock hitori gotoh
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Bocchi the Rock! was one of 2022’s biggest hits, which came as a big surprise to many anime viewers, especially as its manga source material wasn’t talked about all that much heading into the Fall 2022 season.

Because of its popularity, the anime has been getting lots of new merch and collaborations.

Of course, the anime also has a collectible multi-volume Blu-ray release that’s styled like a music magazine. The first volume sold like hotcakes when it was released.

Another hot seller is the Bocchi the Rock! album that compiles most of the show’s original songs.

Aside from topping the charts after its digital release, the physical album also sold lots of units in Japan.

Meanwhile, we’ve also seen lots of Bocchi collabs over the past months. For example, there’s the COSPA collab that features an exclusive Hitori Gotou tee.

Though the project that got the most attention is the ongoing Yamaha collab. This collaboration features a replica of Hitori’s guitar that was put up in a lottery, as well as exhibits in select Yamaha music stores in Japan.

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Bocchi the Rock! Hitori Nendoroid

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Most of the Bocchi merch and collabs are only available in Japan. Soon though, fans outside Japan can get to buy their own collectible Bocchi with this upcoming Nendoroid release.

The new Hitori Nendoroid was recently revealed by @gsc_kahotan on Twitter, showcasing the figure’s various poses and accessories.

For those who want Bocchi in a serious pose, the figure comes with Bocchi’s normal expression, which is a perfect fit for the guitar accessory that it comes with.

Fans who want to see Bocchi’s awkward side have lots of options. The figure has Bocchi’s crying face, as well as her panicking expression.

As the figure is poseable, fans can get creative with how they put this tiny Bocchi on their shelf.

Pre-orders for this Bocchi Nendoroid will be available tomorrow, February 9.

The official product page will also be published tomorrow on the Good Smile Company website.

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