Here's Every Main Character's Age and Birthday in Bocchi the Rock!

Here's Every Main Character’s Age and Birthday in Bocchi the Rock Hitori Gotou
Credit: CloverWorks

Here's Every Main Character’s Age and Birthday in Bocchi the Rock Hitori Gotou
Credit: CloverWorks

Unlike other anime in the fall season, Bocchi the Rock! has fewer characters given that it is a slice-of-life anime. The upside is that each character is given more opportunities for character development. In this regard, we’ve taken a closer look at Bocchi the Rock!’s main characters, including their age and birthday!

Bocchi the Rock! stars four cute girls, namely Hitori, Nijika, Ryo, and Kita, in a band called Kessoku Band.

They work together to achieve their goals of becoming successful in their band career while dealing with personal issues.

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How Old Is Hitori?

Hitori is between the ages of 16 and 17, as she is a freshman at Shuka High School. Her birthday is February 21, making her a Pisces. She is also 156 cm tall and has blood type B.

Her guitar in the anime is a Gibson Les Paul 68 Custom Ebony Ultra Light Aged Guitar, which is the same brand as K-On!'s Yui Hirasawa, but the model is different.

Hitori also has a Shiba Inu named after the American guitarist, singer, and songwriter Jimi Hendrix.

Unlike her bandmates, Hitori is a shy, awkward, and anti-social girl who can only rely on her guitar skills to entice others to approach her.

Despite her efforts, no one in her class approached her after one month of attending school as a freshman.

How Old is Hitori
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Credit: CloverWorks

She also has an online persona called Guitar Hero, where she gains confidence by uploading guitar covers of popular songs.

Her character has grown significantly since joining the Kessoku Band, and she has also begun working on Starry with the other girls.

Masafumi Gotoh, the lead vocalist, main songwriter, and rhythm guitarist for Asian Kung-Fu Generation, inspired Hitori's surname, while her given name means "alone, one person."

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How Old Is Nijika?

Nijika is a sophomore at Shimokitazawa High School, putting her age between 16 and 17. Her birthday is May 29, so she is a Gemini. Her eyes are vermillion, and her blood type is A.

In contrast to Hitori, Nijika is an outgoing and energetic girl who leads the Kessoku Band and keeps its members together.

She is also in charge of their band's affairs, such as budgeting, gig schedule, and even public relations.

How Old is Nijika
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Credit: CloverWorks

Her drum kit consists of a Tama Imperialstar 22" Vintage Red with a port hole and a black Pearl Chad Smith Signature Snare Drum.

Despite her inability to sing, she enjoys Japanese punk rock songs and melodic hardcore.

Nijika's surname is derived from Kiyoshi Ichiji, the drummer of the Asian Kung-Fu Generation band, and her given name means "rainbow summer."

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How Old Is Ryo?

Ryo, like Nijika, is a sophomore at Shimokitazawa High School, putting her age between 16 and 17 years old. Her birthday is September 18, so she is a Virgo. Her eyes are yellow, and she has blood type AB.

She has the most unusual personality among the Kessoku Band members. She refers to herself as a weirdo because of her odd hobbies and desire to spend time alone.

Her family is also wealthy, which explains why Ryo can afford all of her expensive bass guitars, leaving her broke most of the time.

How Old is Ryo
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Credit: CloverWorks

Ryo's surname is derived from Takahiro Yamada, the bassist and backing vocalist for Asian Kung-Fu Generation, while her given name means "cool and clear" in kanji.

She sports a Fender Player Series P-Bass PF Polar White bass guitar. Unlike the other girls, Ryo is into techno songs and top hits from Saudi Arabia.

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How Old Is Kita?

Kita, like Hitori, is a freshman at Shuka High School, putting her age between 15 and 16 years old, though they are in different classes. Her birthday is April 21, so she is a Taurus.

Her blood type is A, and she has yellow eyes and red hair. She is in charge of guitar and vocals in the Kessoku Band. She also sports a Gibson Les Paul Junior DC 1969 Pelham Blue Guitar.

She joined the band because she admired Ryo, but she left when her bandmates asked her to pick up the guitar and play.

How Old is Kita
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Credit: CloverWorks

Unlike Hitori, Kita is an outgoing, bright, and popular freshman. She also enjoys going out with other people, particularly for karaoke, where she can show off her lovely singing voice.

Her surname is derived from Asian Kung-Fu Generation’s lead guitarist and backing singer, Kensuke Kita, while her given name means "fragrant, cultured, and world age."

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