Princess Charlene Heartbreak: Royal's 'Toxic' Marriage Having 'Dangerous' Effects On Her Health? Prince Albert's Wife Debunked Ongoing Divorce Rumors

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Princess Charlene spent almost a year away from Monaco after falling ill in her native South America in May 2021. The wife of Prince Albert then came back to Monaco in November 2021 and was booked into a clinic in Switzerland for months.

Throughout, Princess Charlene has not been present for royal duties, until May 24, when she was spotted at the Monte Carlo Fashion Week with her daughter, Princess Gabriela. Aside from her health issues, there have been ongoing rumors that the marriage of Princess Charlene and Prince Albert has been shaky lately.

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Now, a recent report claims that the “toxic” marriage of Princess Charlene to Prince Albert is having a dangerous effect on her health. Keep on reading to know more details.

Princess Charlene’s Health Affected By Her Alleged ‘Toxic’ Marriage?

National Enquirer, in its upcoming May 30, 2022 issue, reported that the frail look of Princess Charlene is raising fresh fears. The once glam royal, allegedly, appeared glum and gaunt while co-hosting a recent rugby tournament with Prince Albert and seven-year-old twins – Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella.

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An unnamed source told the entertainment news publication:

“Charlene looked seriously underweight and dead behind the eyes, and she displayed poor posture – all signs things are not going good for her and her toxic marriage is having a dangerous effect on her health. Even Albert looked forced and awkward, as though he were half-fearing, half-expecting her to break down.”

The said event was the second official appearance of Princess Charlene since resuming public life after she had serious ear, nose, and throat infections that kept her grounded for almost a year in her home country of South Africa. Her life-threatening illness caused her to miss her own 10th wedding anniversary with Prince Albert.

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Later, Princess Charlene completed a four-month stint in a Swiss clinic where she was treated for physical and mental exhaustion. Insiders told National Enquirer that she had controversial shock therapy.

However, informants claimed Princess Charlene originally fled her posh royal life amid a new lawsuit claiming Prince Albert had a third love child. The sovereign prince of Monaco and head of the House of Grimaldi is presently supporting two illegitimate children from former ladyloves.

The new charge, which Prince Albert’s lawyers dismissed as a “hoax,” claimed the royal had fathered a daughter back when he was dating then-Olympic swimmer Princess Charlene.

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Other reports suggested that the Princess of Monaco only agreed to return to her role as consort after high-stakes negotiations, which allegedly saw the prince agree in writing to cough up a multi-million payout.

An unidentified informant stated:

“She’s trying to make some effort in public, but not much, which has renewed fears for her health.”

Close pals of Princess Charlene and Prince Albert are insisting the prince is not paying his own wife to stay. However, royal insiders claimed that the royal couple’s arrangement seems similar to an agreement between Prince Albert’s late parents – Prince Rainier and Hollywood legend Grace Kelly.

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For starters, when the To Catch A Thief actress tied the knot with Prince Rainier in 1956, she reportedly had to cough up a $2 million dowry, which is equivalent to $20 million today. However, sources claimed that the late mother-in-law of Princess Charlene got revenge on Prince Albert’s father by forcing him to pay her to stay with him.

Analyzing the recent public appearance of Princess Charlene, body language expert Susan Constantine told National Enquirer:

“In early photos of the couple, there is a sense of warmth in her facial expressions. She’s more at ease, right-eyed and relaxed, her natural self. At the rugby tournament, she’s doing her best to keep a happy face. It’s forced. She’s doing her due diligence, but it’s not something she’s enjoying.”

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Upon viewing photos of Prince Albert talking to Princess Charlene, Susan Constantine added:

“I’m not sure she’s buying into what’s Albert’s saying. She’s just listening to him and being cordial. It looks like he’s trying to convince her of something, and she’s not so sure.”

Both Princess Charlene and Prince Albert have yet to comment on the reports claiming that their marriage is hitting rock bottom. So, devoted supporters of the royal couple should take all these unverified claims with a huge grain of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

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Princess Charlene Addresses Prince Albert Divorce Rumors For The First Time

Meanwhile, Princess Charlene has set the record straight about rumors of a marital rift with Prince Albert. In a candid interview with the newspaper Monaco-Matin, the former Olympian debunked the “malicious” divorce reports.

Princess Charlene stated:

"You want to talk about rumors of divorce or my new home in Switzerland? I still find it regrettable that certain media peddle such rumors about my life, [and] my relationship. Like everyone else, we are human beings, and like all human beings we have emotions, and weaknesses, only our family is exposed to the media and the slightest weakness is relayed. We discussed these malicious articles together and he did everything to protect me and our children."

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Besides the ongoing divorce rumors, Princess Charlene also shared how she appreciates the love she has received from her avid followers since she returned home with her family. The wife of Prince Albert said:

"I'm very happy to be back home in Monaco and with my family. I received so many positive and warm messages when I was away from Monaco, and I thank them for their support."

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Prince Albert, for his part, was also forced to address the rumors about his marriage with Princess Charlene. The royal, in September 2021, insisted that there is no rift between him and his wife, telling People Magazine:

"She didn't leave Monaco in a huff! She didn't leave because she was mad at me or at anybody else."

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