Prince William Shock: 'Frostiness' Of Kate Middleton's Husband Towards Camilla Parker-Bowles Now 'Thawed'? 'Angry' Duke To Reportedly Face Prince Harry, Meghan Markle At Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee

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Many royal followers are curious about the relationship of Prince William with his stepmom, Camilla Parker-Bowles. There have been numerous claims that the husband of Kate Middleton and the second wife of Prince Charles did not have the easiest of starts, but the Duke of Cambridge reportedly now sees Camilla makes his father happy.

For starters, Camilla Parker-Bowles and Prince Charles went public with their relationship in the early 2000s – several years after the shocking death of Princess Diana – but Prince William and Prince Harry were not pictured with the Duchess of Cornwall in public until 2001.

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However, the relationship between Kate Middleton’s better half, and Camilla and Prince Charles is said to be the best they have ever been lately as the royal family looks to the future.

Now, a recent report suggests that Prince William also approves of Camilla Parker-Bowles taking the Queen Consort title when Prince Charles becomes the king of the United Kingdom. Keep on reading to know more details.

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Prince William Also Wants Camilla Parker-Bowles To Be Queen?

Woman’s Day New Zealand, in its May 23, 2022 issue, reported that Prince William supports the idea of giving Camilla Parker-Bowles the Queen Consort title once Prince Charles finally becomes the king. Ever since he was a teenager, the eldest son of Princess Diana has shared what can only be described as an “uneasy” relationship with Camilla.

While many royal followers understand where Prince William’s frostiness toward Camilla Parker-Bowles is coming from, it reportedly “thawed” after she tied the knot with Prince Charles in 2005. However, it was emphasized that the husband of Kate Middleton has never been best friends with his stepmom.

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An unnamed source told the entertainment news outlet:

“Wills accepted that Camilla is who his father chose and who he’s always been in love with. But he always held her at arm’s length and never tried to push him on that. William’s at least been warmer than Harry, who glowered at her unless he was pushed into talking.”

Woman’s Day New Zealand claimed that Prince Charles and Prince William sat down for a father-son heart-to-heart as the British monarchy prepares to enter a new era. An unidentified insider stated:

“Charles knows Camilla faces an uphill battle to win the public’s affection, and he needs Wills to lead from the front. Charles asked William to be seen fully on board with her but wasn’t sure if his son would agree to it.”

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However, much to Prince Charles’ delight, Prince William gave his backing. An informant claimed:

“The Queen spoke with William, and he understood her logic. He accepts it’s time to let go of the past and look to the future for his family, and Camilla is a non-negotiable part of that. He’s learned to admire her loyalty and has even begun to trust her.”

In her book called Prince William: Born to be King, a palace source told royal biographer Penny Junor:

"I think the relationship between them all is warm now, but if I'm honest, it wasn't then. I think they found it hard. To be fair to Camilla, she never tried to be a mummy, but she was the 'other woman,' and she was there and taking daddy's time."

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An unidentified insider told Daily Mail:

"There were huge family rows in the early stages of Charles and Camilla's marriage as everyone found their feet. William didn't have the best relationship with his father back then."

Royal author Robert Lacey, in his book titled Battle of Brothers, claimed that Camilla Parker-Bowles was taken aback by Prince William’s temper. He, as Daily Express reported, wrote:

"Harry has freely confessed to his own blazing temper from time to time - and as for his elder brother, he has proved no sweet William when roused. In the years after her 2005 marriage to Prince Charles, Camilla has recounted to her own family and close friends her surprise at discovering this unexpected side to Prince Charming - 'the boy's got a temper! Charles's wife had been horrified at the ranting and raving that on occasion William had unleashed against her husband in her presence."

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Prince William has yet to comment on these reports.

‘Angry’ Prince William Expected To Face Prince Harry At Platinum Jubilee

Meanwhile, a royal expert warned Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ahead of their arrival in the U.K. for the Platinum Jubilee celebrations of Queen Elizabeth, especially since they reportedly have yet to fix their strained relationship with Prince William and Kaye Middleton.

Suggesting the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are likely to face roadblocks on the way, royal commentator Camilla Tominey told Telegraph:

“I don't know what the Cambridges (Prince William and Kate Middleton) are thinking about them being at the Platinum Jubilee right now because we know that relations between both couples still remain quite distant. Of course, Prince Charles, the only emotions that have ever been used by him and his people about how he's reacted to things like the Oprah interview are sadness rather than anger. So, Dad is sad. I think his brother is angry and sad. But as was the case with Prince Philip's funeral, brave faces will be put on proceedings.”

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Though Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are expected to grace the revelries, it was previously reported that they are unlikely to join Prince William, Kate Middleton, and other other members of the royal family in the Buckingham Palace balcony for this year’s Trooping the Colors.

Queen Elizabeth has decided that only working members of the clan and their children would be allowed to appear in the deck to kick off the Platinum Jubilee.

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