Ellen DeGeneres Fury: Portia De Rossi's Wife Plotting A Revenge After Emmys Snub? 'Tired And Grumpy' Host Reportedly Advised To Seek Professional Help

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Credit: TheEllenShow/YouTube Screenshot

Many fans were left heartbroken when Ellen DeGeneres announced, in May 2021, that she would be ending her talk show the following years after more than 3,200 episodes and 64 Daytime Emmy Awards. After 19 successful seasons, the wife of Portia de Rossi would air the final episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday, May 26.

A few of the more than 4,000 guests on the show are slated to return for a final visit to Ellen DeGeneres, which include Michelle Obama, Jennifer Garner, Kim Kardashian, Gwen Stefani, Adam Levine, Zac Efron, Serena Williams, Channing Tatum, Diane Keaton, David Letterman, and Behati Prinsloo. Portia de Rossi, the host’s wife, is also expected to make her final appearance on the show.

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Now, a new report suggests that Ellen DeGeneres is being urged to see a shrink and get the help she “desperately” needed as her departure from the small screens draws near. Keep on reading to know more details.

Ellen DeGeneres Encouraged To Get Help And Regroup?

Globe Magazine, in its upcoming May 30, 2022 issue, reported that Ellen DeGeneres was furious about the Emmys snub and vowed to get her revenge. Most, if not all, are aware that the longest-running talk show of the popular TV host is set to bid its final goodbye, two years since multiple ex-staffers charged the work culture on The Ellen DeGeneres Show was riddled with racism, bullying, and intimidation.

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On May 5, the entertainment news outlet shared sources claimed Ellen DeGeneres was clobbered with “one final humiliation” when The Ellen DeGeneres Show failed to get a Daytime Emmy Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show nomination for the first time since 2003.

The tv show of Ellen DeGeneres was left off the nominee list, which boasts Today with Hoda & Jenna, Live with Kelly and Ryan, Hot Ones, The Drew Barrymore Show, and The Kelly Clarkson Show. An unnamed source told the magazine:

“It’s a slap in the face. She’s furious and vowing to get her revenge one day, and it’s got Portia pretty freaked out.”

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The same source added that Ellen DeGeneres is in bad shape and seems “tired and jumpy” as her “anxiety” has kicked up, saying:

“Portia is especially worried and urging her to get help, regroup, and talk things out with a professional.”

Globe Magazine previously reported that the marriage of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi has been hanging by a thread for some time. The Australian-American actress, during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, even urged her wife to return to stand-up, saying that she wants her to do something that makes her happy.

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The unidentified insider added:

“But Ellen’s announcing grand plans. She got support from people like the Kardashians to come on the show during the final season and thinks that’s a sign she can come back big and better. The hope is that Ellen listens to Portia, especially since their marriage hasn’t been in a great place.”

Ellen DeGeneres has yet to comment on the reports claiming that she is being urged by Portia de Rossi and her other close friends to seek professional help after the shocking cancellation of her long-running talk show. So, devoted supporters of the tv host should take all these unverified claims with a huge grain of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

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Ellen DeGeneres, Portia De Rossi Allegedly Heading For $450 Divorce

Meanwhile, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi were previously reported to be on a brink of a messy divorce. Per Micky Australia, Star Magazine reported, in 2020, that the couple has been fighting constantly.

An unidentified tipster even claimed that Portia de Rossi was seen breaking down in public in Los Angeles after she and Ellen DeGeneres, reportedly, had a talk. However, the publication failed to provide concrete pieces of information to confirm that these speculations are true up to this writing.

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The informant stated:

“Her eyes were red and puffy, her makeup was running, and she looked unsteady on her feet. It was shocking to see.”

The same source furthered that the marriage of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi has been shaky for years due to the television host’s hectic schedule. Ellen was also accused of being controlling.

The tipster claimed:

“On top of that, they had a blowout fight last summer when Portia rejected Ellen’s please to adopt a child. The tension is off the charts, and something had to give.”

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The Ellen DeGeneres Show host was also reported purchasing a $27.5 million property behind Portia de Rossi’s back. It was even reported that the multimillion-worth pad would be Ellen DeGeneres’ new home once their divorce is filed.

The source said:

“Ellen bought it under a pseudonym because she didn’t want Portia to know about it. Apparently, she even made the realtor sign a nondisclosure agreement to keep it hush-hush. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this is where she’s moving as she rebuilds her life after Portia.”

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However, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi appear to be in a very good place right now despite all these divorce speculations. The couple even celebrated their 13th anniversary in 2021.

To celebrate the milestone in their relationship, Ellen DeGeneres took to her Twitter to tell her 61 million followers that the decision to marry Portia de Rossi was the “best decision” she ever did in her life. The sweet message appeared next to a snap of the lovebirds who were all smiles, holding hands while gracing a Hollywood event.

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