Prince William Shock: Kate Middleton’s Husband Will Reportedly Be A More Approachable, Casual Monarch Compared To Prince Charles But Shouldn’t Leapfrog His Dad

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Prince William found out at a young age that he is destined to one day become the king of Britain. When Princess Diana was still alive, she tried her best to shield Prince William from the truth by raising him to be as normal as possible. But it didn’t take long before he learned his true destiny and he has been training ever since.

Even though no one knows for sure when Prince William will ascend the throne, royal fans are aware that he’s second in line in the Order of Succession. This means that Prince William will become king after Prince Charles dies. The tragedy of having to live without his dad is something that the Duke of Cambridge refuses to think about.

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What Kind Of Monarch Will Prince William Be Like?

While speaking with Express, body language expert Adrienne Carter shared what he thinks Prince William be like as king. Carter said that Kate Middleton’s husband will be very different from Prince Charles because of their contrasting personalities. And by the looks of it, the dad of three will take after Princess Diana because they are both warm and they also have a way around people.

“In the past, he has given off the impression of being reserved and shy, but he has almost always given the impression of being a respectful person. William's facial expressions are naturally warm, and we see him engage with people on a genuine level that is authentic to him. As a result, he is seen as personable and approachable, and this contributes to the perception that he exudes these qualities. We can see that he has inherited from his mother a warmth with everyday people even as he takes on an increasing number of official responsibilities,” she said.

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Prince William And Prince Charles Will Have Different Approaches As Monarchs

Meanwhile, Prince William and Prince Charles wouldn’t have the same approach as the king because the former has a more approachable and casual tone. Prince Charles, on the other hand, maintains a more dignified demeanor.

“When he is in a formal setting, he exudes confidence and holds himself with dignity. In less stuffy settings, he reveals himself to be a genuine and unassuming family man,” Carter concluded.

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Prince William’s Supporters Want Him To Leapfrog Prince Charles To The Throne But Journalist Thinks Otherwise

Throughout the past couple of years, royal fans and royal experts have also been clamoring for Prince William to leapfrog Prince Charles to the throne. Even though this won’t likely happen, several polls revealed that Britons have more faith in the Duke of Cambridge than his father.

A poll conducted by Express in April revealed that 42 percent of the 2,055 people that participated in the survey think that Prince William should succeed Queen Elizabeth.

However, journalist Angela Epstein just said that Prince William is not yet ready to be king despite all the training and preparations that he has undergone. After all, she thinks that Middleton’s husband needs more time to observe, process, and accrue valuable on-the-job training.

“Kingship is not something he can yet give his all to since he is diverted, as he rightly should be, by the needs of his young family. With three children under the age of nine, this is the time for the Duke to be a father first. A role that will only build him for his future reign. That`s not to say that William isn`t emerging as a confident and impressive global figure. He has elegantly dealt with the fallout from Prince Harry`s departure and has been vocal in his attempts to keep Prince Andrew away from a visible role in Royal Life. But we mustn`t meddle with the current common law, through which Prince Charles will automatically become King,” Epstein wrote for Express.

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