Outer Banks Season 3 Finale Is 'The Best Episode,' Jonathan Daviss Says

Credit: Netflix/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Netflix/YouTube Screenshot

Netflix has dropped Outer Banks Season 3! Here's what the cast members said about the new season.

Outer Banks Season 3 Finale Is The Best, Jonathan Daviss Says

The cast members of the hit Netflix show sat down for an interview with Entertainment Weekly. Jonathan Daviss, who plays Pope in the show, teased what those who haven't watched the show can expect this season without spoiling them.

He told EW that he was excited for fans to watch the finale because it's "the best episode we've ever done."

Daviss added:

"I literally got a text from the director saying, 'Dude, episode 10 is the best episode of Outer Banks ever.' It's going to blow everyone's minds."

Madelyn Cline, who plays Sarah, is also proud of her work. She talked about the finale at how it moved her. She admitted that it was difficult to shoot because it "tore" her to pieces.

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"Oh God, it happens in the very last episode, and it tore me to pieces," she said.

She further explained:

"It was emotionally very, very difficult. I don't want to spoil anything, but fair warning, it happens in the last episode and it will break your heart. But how I felt by the season's end was proud because Sarah has gone through so much and she's come out so strong. She's learned so much about herself in such a short amount of time at such a young age, and she's very, very badass. She's finally out of the bubble wrap, and it's what she always wanted."

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Outer Banks Season 3 Recap

Spoiler Alert! The Pogues are in a one hell of a ride in Outer Banks Season 3. Their search for John B's father, Big John, had finally come to an end, but as expected, it wasn't smooth sailing.

John B and the gang arrived at the Orinoco basin with the help of Ward despite his trust issues with the latter. John B laid out his plans, which didn't bode well with Ward, according to Digital Spy.

Sarah and John B managed to help Big John escape from captivity, but Carlos Singh's set his men to search for them.

Big John admitted that he couldn't translate Gnomon but revealed the Denmark Tanny letter with a bonus translation.

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John B and the gang sailed to find the treasure, Ward was going on the same target, and Singh was closely following behind them.

Although Big John was cooperative, he didn't want to reveal the answers due to trust issues with Sarah, who is Ward's daughter. However, he helped the group find El Dorado.

Big John was steadfast in not revealing the Gnomon secret despite being threatened with his son John B's life. He was shot, but they managed to escape.

Meanwhile, Ward tried to pursue his daughter, Sarah, to join his team. However, she fired a bullet in his direction, suggesting where her loyalty was.

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Big John finally shared the Gnomon clues but was too injured to join John B and Sarah. The pair continued with the journey and saw the city of gold. They collected as much gold as they could, but Singh tracked them.

Another fiery encounter ensued. Big John threatened them with a dynamite if they won't let John B go. Singh was undeterred, so Big John tossed the lit dynamite.

The Johns and Sarah escaped, but Ward turned up. JJ and the others showed up, putting Ward at a disadvantage. However, Singh's second-in-command Ryan showed up to pinch the gold.

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John B was about to surrender, but Ryan wanted payback after he lost in the struggle with the Pogues. He tried to shoot Sarah, but Ward intervened to save his daughter. He jumped in front of Sarah and pushed Ryan off a cliff. Meanwhile, Big John was bleeding heavily due to his wounds and did not survive.

Both Sarah and John B lost their dads.

The final moments of the episode are an 18-month flash-forward. Things seem smooth for the Pogues with Sarah and John B having a surf shop, Kie busy saving turtles, JJ has his charter boat, and Pope is back to school.

However, a stranger arrived and handed them a new quest. John B smirked, suggesting a new adventure!

Outer Banks will return for Season 4. The third season currently streams on Netflix.

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