Kate Middleton Shock: Prince Harry’s Sister-In-Law Playfully Taps Husband Prince William’s Behind at 2023 Baftas Red Carpet; Some Netizens Speculate Reactions if Meghan Markle Did the Same

Credit: The Sun/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: The Sun/YouTube Screenshot

Prince William and Kate Middleton attended the 2023 BAFTAs at the Royal Festival Hall in London Sunday. However, the Princess of Wales surprised many with her cheeky move.

Kate Middleton Reportedly Gave Prince William A Lovetap

The Prince and Princess of Wales were back on the BAFTAs red carpet after missing the last two events. Vogue magazine shared on Instagram the reaction during their arrival.

Middleton was stunning in her white one-shoulder Alexander McQueen dress, while Prince William looked dapper in his black velvet suit. The crowd cheered on them when they arrived.

In the footage, Prince William and Middleton are talking while walking. She seemingly reached out to his hand before giving him a subtle tap on his behind, and it was caught on camera. Middleton pats the heir to the throne's butt, People reported.

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"Princess Kate gave Prince William a love tap as they arrived at the 2023 #BAFTAs, proving that royals really are just like us— a regular husband and wife that sometimes like to cop a feel," Vogue wrote in the caption.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge rarely pack on the PDA. Middleton's move received mixed responses from the netizens, with many praising the couple. Some said they were happy to see the royal couple's naughty side.

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Netizens Compare Kate Middleton To Meghan Markle

Although many were amused after seeing Middleton's playful act, it also raised eyebrows. Some netizens claimed that the reaction would be different if it were Markle who did it to her husband, Prince Harry.

"Thought this was unacceptable behavior [woman shrugging emoji] or was that just for Meghan&Harry," one commented.

"I love this, I really really do. I love to see it. However, if this was Meghan giving Harry a "love tap", the papers would be going wild, everyone would be going wild," another netizen wrote.

"Lol... just imagine if Meghan did this to Harry. The British tabloids will lose their minds," a third person opined along with a laughing emoji.

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Meanwhile, some netizens speculated that Middleton was trying to copy Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who always pack on the PDA even during their official engagements.

"No she tried to hold his hand and he pulled his hand away she is trying to copy Meghan and Harry," one wrote.

What can you say about Kate Middleton giving her husband, Prince William, a lovetap?

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince William and Kate Middleton.

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