My Hero Academia Season 6 Begins Final Saga, Debuts New Trailer and Visual

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My Hero Academia Season 6 Final Saga Deku
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The last couple of episodes dealt with the aftermath of the massive Paranormal Liberation War. Now, My Hero Academia Season 6 properly begins the series’ final saga.

To mark the show’s entry into the last major storyline, a new trailer and key visual for the new arc was released, highlighting Deku’s dark turn following the show’s recent events.


My Hero Academia Anime’s Final Saga

my hero academia shigaraki

My Hero Academia Season 6’s first half was filled with lots of action as it saw the heroes and villains duke it out in an all-out war.

Aside from featuring big moments from fan-favorite characters, this arc also showed off Tomura Shigaraki’s newfound abilities.


Though by the end of the fight, it’s revealed that All For One has taken control of Shigaraki, and he soon departs as his body was damaged greatly in the fight.

Despite this, Deku still sees Shigaraki as someone who needed help.

my hero academia season 6 deku

Following this huge fight, the series did not enter the final saga just yet as it shows All For One breaking out prisoners from the Tartarus maximum security prison, including the likes of Muscular and Stain.

Because of this, Japan is thrown into chaos as not enough heroes can protect civilians from the escaped villains. All the while, Deku remains in a comatose state.

When Deku awakes from his coma, he decides to tell everyone the truth about One For All in a note.

He then departs and seemingly goes on the run. Thus begins the series’ final arc.


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My Hero Academia Season 6 New Trailer Highlights Final Saga

Following the latest episode, a new trailer was released for the series that showed off Deku’s worn-down look, as well as a rematch with Muscular, the powerful villain from the third season.


We also get a glimpse at Lady Nagant, a new character that’s surprisingly voiced by Atsumi Tanezaki, the voice actress of Anya Forger. Manga fans are likely looking forward to her appearance in the anime.

Along with the new trailer, a key visual for the season was released. It features Deku with his hero outfit in tatters, as well as All Might on the lower right.

Meanwhile, the previous One For All users can be seen at the top.


My Hero Academia’s final saga continues in the anime in Episode 132, which will be broadcast this weekend.

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