Why is My Hero Academia so Popular? An Honest Review

Without a doubt, My Hero Academia created noise after its release in November 2014 and even more ...
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Without a doubt, My Hero Academia created noise after its release in November 2014 and even more after the anime was premiered. The manga and anime did not only capture the hearts of Japanese fans but even International fans as well. For those who are not familiar with this series yet, My Hero Academia is about Izuku Midoriya. He is a teenage boy who wanted to be a hero just like his idol, the number one hero, All Might. The interesting thing is that Izuku is quirkless. 

With that concept alone, a lot of anime fans have taken interest in the anime. It is intriguing how a normal teenage boy can be the greatest hero. Aside from that, here are other reasons why the anime is popular. 

1. Everyone loves a hero story

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My Hero Academia is a shounen anime that is actually one of the most popular genres nowadays. Anime fans have a soft spot for teenage boys who will encourage various challenges and win in the end. 

Izuku Midoriya is exactly that. He wanted to be just like his idol, All Might and he will do everything he can to be one – even he started as a quirkless boy. Fans are interested in Midoriya’s growth and how he can achieve his goal. 

Also, My Hero Academia gives a vibe of Marvel or DC comics but in a Japanese setup. This intrigued a lot of fans not only those who are into anime but also superheroes in general.

2. There are a lot of lovable characters

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The show has some characters that will surely catch your eye because of their looks or quirks. One best example is Shoto Todoroki. Female anime fans swoon over him because of his good looks, personality, and of course, his quirk. Even if his background is a bit typical, fans just can’t help but fall for him. 

3. The art style is different

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My Hero Academia has this cartoonish vibe with its art style that is similar to other Superhero comics that people read and love. The female characters don’t get sexualized as much as other anime which is also a good plus. Fans also love the animation during fight scenes which are entertaining to watch. 

4. Fans are hyping the series

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A good fanbase is important in any show and that’s what My Hero Academia has. Its fanbase is good at hyping the show that one can see a post related to it anywhere. The fans do great promotions and reviews that actually helped the series be known around the world. 

Since My Hero Academia is still ongoing, there are a lot of factors to be added to why it is popular. Fans are still anticipating what could happen to their favorite characters and there are still a lot of things that can happen in the near future. 

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