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All for One Quirk Explained in My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia centers in a world where there are people who have quirks. It is similar to having supernatural abilities. One popular quirk mentioned in the series is All for One.

It is used by a mysterious antagonist who uses the quirk as his hero name. Another person who uses the said quirk is Tomura Shigarakari. During the later episodes, it has been revealed that Nine has the same quirk but it is a weaker version.

All for One gives its user the ability to steal quirks and distribute them to others. All the user needs to do is touch the person he or she wanted to give the power to. Learn more about this intriguing quirk.

All for One Quirk Explained

All for One Quirk Explained in My Hero Academia 1
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Since All for One users can steal quirks, what happens to those whose quirks were stolen? These people become quirkless. He or she may be immobile and disoriented for some time. In special cases, All for One users can blend with other quirks and develop a better and new power.

All for One users can also maximize their original quirks with other quirks. Once it gets out of control, the All for One user can give major destruction and death to many people. This is why it is highly dangerous for the wrong person to have this quirk.

The original plan of All for One (the antagonist) is to get unwanted quirks and give quirkless humans powers. The catch is that the people who got new quirks need to do favors for All for One. All Might also mentioned before that All for One was looking for the quirk that promises agelessness.

Just like any other quirk, All for One has limitations. Not all All for One users can contain the power. If the power becomes too much, the user turns into a mindless doll. Also, All for One users cannot steal One for All since the later quirk requires the approval of its user. This could mean that in order to defeat All for One, the hero should have One for All as his or her quirk.

All for One users also cannot handle too much power as it can strain the user’s body, and the quirks might be hard to control. Worse case, it can shorten the person’s lifespan.

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