Is Stain Dead in My Hero Academia? Does He Come Back Explained

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Hero Killer: Stain or Chizome Akaguro is one of the antagonists of My Hero Academia. He is also an ex-vigilante that killed various heroes in the past. For those who don’t know him or simply can’t remember him at all, he is a muscular man with a triangular face. He also doesn’t have a nose and his hair is long black.

Just like other villains, Stain is merciless and unforgiving. He believes that it is his duty to eliminate false heroes. He is against heroes who are after money and fame. With that ideology, he became the Hero Killer.

After an intense fight with Midoriya, Shoto, and Tenya, Stain’s lung was punctured. Fans are now wondering if he is still alive or not. Let’s find out!


 Is Stain Dead in My Hero Academia? Does He Come Back

Is Stain Dead in My Hero Academia? Does He Come Back Explained 1
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Fans believe that Stain is still alive. It has been said that Stain is imprisoned just beside All For One. With this, fans are confident that Stain will come back soon, possibly by the time Shigaraki saves All For One. If this happens, Stain might attack Shigaraki and it could be another war.


There is also a theory that Stain is essential for Midoriya’s character growth. He could come back again to judge the world and see if the heroes are deserving or not. Another reason to believe that Stain is coming back is that there were parts of the manga that mentioned All Might visiting Stain. This could mean that the two have interactions and would be revealed in the later chapters.

Stain is an influential villain that fans like so it would be impossible to just eliminate him in the manga. If he is removed, then it could have been explained. His complex personality makes it easy to give him important scenes, especially if it will be related to Midoriya.

For now, fans will just have to wait for Stain’s return. Whether he will be another pain in the ass or possibly a character to help Midoriya, no one knows. Fans will just have to go with the flow of the current story.

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