Ms. Marvel Episode 2 Teaser Clip Reveals Kamala Exploring Her New Powers

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Ms. Marvel. Read at your own risk!

Kamala Khan finally gets the plot twist of her life as she receives powers after wearing a band from her grandmother. In the teaser of Ms. Marvel Episode 2, she explores new abilities together with her best friend, Bruno, and they discover some inscriptions on the gauntlet which may be key in determining where it really came from.


The teaser clip of Ms. Marvel Episode 2 starts with Kamala being amazed at how she can make light from her body while in her Captain Marvel suit and it must be a blinding bright light because Bruno wears glasses. When Kamala cannot make the light go away, she accidentally hits Bruno with it and they discover that it is hard.


Kamala asks Bruno whether she may be Asgardian or if she may be related to Thor. The clip skips to Kamala’s eyes making lights as well and it jumps to the rooftop scene again where she tries to step on the light she created but failed and she fell face first to the ground.

Upon shooting some trash, Bruno takes a closer look at the band and they discover that there are some inscriptions on it in a language that they cannot determine. Bruno decides to stick to what they know and they trim it down to hard light coming from Kamala which is “groundbreaking.”

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Ms. Marvel director recently teased that the upcoming episodes of the show will be getting darker themes and with Kamala trying to figure out how her powers work, will she learn how to control it before the villain of the show is revealed?

Also, Kamala has a target on her back after the Department of Damage Control saw her video online and they got interested to bring her in as seen in the post-credits scene of the first episode. What could they have in store for her?

Ms. Marvel Episode 2 is about to arrive on Disney Plus tomorrow at 3 AM EST.