Moon Knight Episode 1: Who is Khonshu? Is He Real?

With the introduction of a new hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe comes that of his allies and villains. In Moon Knight, there is yet a revelation on who is on which side but if there is one thing for sure, in Episode 1, The Goldfish Problem, there are voices in Steven Grant’s head that talks to him, other than Marc Spector, there is Khonshu. Who is he and is he even real or is he all in the mind?

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Moon Knight! Read at your own risk!

Moon Knight Episode 1: Who is Khonshu? Is He Real?

Moon Knight Episode 1: Who is Khonshu? Is He Real?
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Moon Knight Episode 1: Who is Khonshu? Is He Real?

Plagued by nightmares, even in real life, Steven Grant is suffering so much with things he has no grasp of. He could not understand what is happening and all that he could do is to control things as much as he can until he cannot because when things get out of hand, he lapses, and he would be surprised at what just happened. Well, to make it simple, it is Marc taking over his body and Steven has no memories of what Marc is doing.

In the episode, he encountered a voice in his head, that of F. Murray who voices Khonshu. Overtime, Khonshu is not really fond of Steven being the more dominant identity in the body. His annoyance when Steven is present becomes intense, even calling Steven an idiot and pushing him to give control to Marc who seems to know the deal with Khonshu all along.

Steven has been seeing apparitions of Khonshu from time to time. He saw Khonshu in his hallway, a huge creature with the head of a bird’s skeleton and a body covered in linen, like what the Egyptians use to wrap the dead for mummification. He carries a scepter with the moon on top of it and as he tries to approach Steven, he’s damn scared because who wouldn’t be, right? Khonshu looks like something straight out of nightmares.

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In the Marvel comics, Khonshu is the Egyptian god of the moon who resurrected Marc Spector after he died at the foot of Khonshu’s statute and the deity sensed that Marc is a worthy person to be given another shot at life. Based on Egyptian myths, Khonshu’s name means “traveler” which is similar to the moon that follows anyone around the Earth at night.

Yes, he is real. In the mind of Steven Grant and Marc Spector, he really is. It is expected that he would be side by side with Moon Knight in Egypt as seen in one of the teasers. In all honesty, who could face a god than another god, right? With Harrow’s connection to another Egyptian deity, Ammit, it is obvious that a showdown between the two is about to happen.

Moon Knight Episode 1 is now streaming on Disney Plus. Episode 2 will arrive next week on April 6, 2022 at 3 AM, available in 4k.

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