Moon Knight Actress May Calamawy Shares BTS Video on Her Workout Routine for the Series

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Opposite the impressive Oscar Isaac in the Moon Knight series is his co-star, actress May Calamawy, who plays Layla, the estranged wife of Marc Spector. In preparation for her role, she shared a behind-the-scenes video of her workout routine for the show and it looks excruciating. But at least, all her hard work paid off.

On Instagram, May Calamawy got a little sentimental on her Moon Knight character, Layla, as she posted how she had to give blood, sweat, and tears in preparation of the role, "It took a village to raise a Layla!⁣ To Patrick Vo our fight choreographer who sent me this BTS compilation, and everyone on the team who pushed, encouraged, and helped me along the way.⁣"

Layla is introduced to be the wife of Marc Spector whom he has left without any trace, except for, maybe, a divorce settlement, but as Layla got deep into what Marc is facing, upon meeting Steven, she soon understood what she has to do to help him stop Arthur Harrow and the Egyptian goddess Ammit.

In the finale of the show, Layla El-Faouly finally embraced being a heroine, as the Scarlet Scarab, the very first hero of Egypt. Layla refused to be an avatar for the first two offers that she had but upon the death of the avatars of the Ennead Council, she found out that another avatar is needed to stop Ammit and bound the goddess to Harrow and weaken her.

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Layla called back to Taweret asking to be the goddess’ temporary avatar. Whilst being temporary, Taweret was all excited with Layla’s offer. Taweret even gave Layla a cool costume, one with gold wings that are durable enough to withstand attacks. This proved useful when Harrow was fighting with Moon Knight and Layla arrived for additional force.

As the civilians are trying to escape, Harrow blasts the van where they are going to and Layla is quick to respond, saving a child and everyone in the van. The child asks whether she is an Egyptian superhero and she replies yes.

Officially, Marvel has now introduced her to be the Scarlet Scarab.

Moon Knight is streaming on Disney Plus.

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