Moon Knight's BTS Video Explains the Magic Behind Oscar Isaac's Dual Performance

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One of the standouts of the recent MCU series Moon Knight is Oscar Isaac's impressive performance as both Marc Spector and Steven Grant as he was able to easily differentiate those two characters for the audience despite having the same look, especially in moments where they share the same frame. So how did the show manage to successfully pull them off?

Marvel recently released a behind-the-scenes video on Moon Knight which explains how they managed to pull off filming Oscar Isaac as Marc and Steven together. According to VFX supervisor Sean Faden, they used several techniques including CGI, Isaac using an earpiece to hear his performance, and having Isaac's brother as the stand-in for the actor's other role.

Faden also revealed that the bathroom mirror scene at the end of the first episode was their most complicated set-up in the series due to the nature of the sequence.

You can check the video below:

It is very impressive to see and learn the amount of work that the VFX team did in order to pull off the several scenes in the series that involves having Marc and Steven together in one frame. There is no doubt, even without seeing this video, that making these sequences happen was challenging for the show's VFX team and requires Isaac's acting contribution as well in order to make them look flawless.

In retrospect, Isaac's work as both Marc and Steven looked seamless from the perspective of a viewer and it speaks about his wonderful performance in the series since it is not easy to play two different roles in the same scene or frame. Thanks to the VFX team, they were able to pull them off throughout the series without any technical hiccups and it enhanced the viewing experience a lot as it resulted in Isaac's celebrated performance.

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All episodes of Moon Knight are streaming on Disney+.

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