Moon Knight Finale Episode 6: Is Layla the Scarlet Scarab Now?

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One of the most important characters in Moon Knight is the wife of Marc Spector, Layla El-Faouly, who becomes his reason why he holds on to Khonshu with a threat on her being his replacement as the Egyptian god of the moon’s avatar. As seen in Episode 6, the finale, Layla accepts to be a temporary one for Taweret and she unveils her cool costume with gold wings. Is she the Scarlet Scarab now?

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Moon Knight! Read at your own risk!

Moon Knight Finale Episode 6: Is Layla the Scarlet Scarab Now?

Moon Knight Finale Episode 6: Is Layla the Scarlet Scarab Now?
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Credit: Marvel Studios
Moon Knight Finale Episode 6: Is Layla the Scarlet Scarab Now?

Episode 6 of Moon Knight, Gods and Monsters, reveals that even when Layla refused to be an avatar for an Egyptian deity, she finally gave in after Osiris’ avatar expired right before her eyes and that they need another avatar to ensure that Ammit would be bound to Harrow to weaken her and make her killable once and for all along with her avatar.

Taweret asked her once, she rejected it, then Khonshu did the same and Layla objected even more, citing Marc’s miserable life with him. However, when Osiris said that they lack avatars to make sure that Ammit would be bound to Harrow, Layla called back to Taweret asking to be the goddess’ temporary avatar. Whilst being temporary, Taweret was all excited with Layla’s offer.

Taweret even gave Layla a cool costume, one with gold wings that are durable enough to withstand attacks. This proved useful when Harrow was fighting with Moon Knight and Layla arrives for additional force. As the civilians are trying to escape, Harrow blasts the van where they are going to and Layla is quick to respond, saving a child and everyone in the van. The child asks whether she is an Egyptian superhero and she replies yes.

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Many fans believe that this is Layla’s first step to being the Scarlet Scarab, the MCU version of the comic book character which has a similar name, Abdul Faoul, who is the protector of Egypt. First appearing in Invaders #23 (1977), the Scarlet Scarab is the leader of the Sons of the Scarab who believes that they are the descendants of ancient pharaohs and protectors of the Ruby Scarab which grants the wielder superhuman strength and mystic energy.

Layla has been hinted to be the Scarlet Scarab in the series given that her nickname from her father is “my little scarab” and a scarab is drawn on her finger in Episode 4. Given that Layla has no comic book counterpart, fans speculate that she is the mix of Marlene Alreaune, wife of Marc Spector in the comics, and Abdul Faoul, who is the Scarlet Scarab.

While her powers are from being a temporary avatar of Taweret, with the people she saved looking at her as an Egyptian superhero, this could be the start of her journey embracing the role, being the protector of Egypt.

Moon Knight Episode 6, the finale, is now streaming on Disney Plus.


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