Loki Not Working, Playing, or Loading For Some. How To Get It to Load on Disney Plus

Credit: Marvel Studios

Credit: Marvel Studios

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It has been the case in both WandaVision and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier where the series is not working on Disney+. For some, the episodes may not be loading or playing. If in case this happens to the new series of Loki, here's how you can get it to load and play on Disney+ and circle through the error.

Loki is the newest canon series of Marvel on Disney+ and the hype continues to build on everyone's favorite trickster having his very own show. The God of Mischief will be in his own adventure that follows the plot set after the events of Endgame, some time in 2012 when Loki escapes with the tesseract, seemingly finding another way to exist in the MCU.

Here is the step-by-step process on how to play and load Loki if in case the series doesn't work outright. First, go to the search bar and look for Loki. Click the option given and it will lead you to an alternative landing page of individual title cards. This will get you through the issue of the episodes tab not available on the first landing page.

Second, an episodes-tab will be appearing with suggestion on the contents of Loki. Third and last, choose the episode of your choice and it will do the magic! You may now be able to access Loki on Disney+.

For those who are in the European region, they found a way to work around this issue by changing the language setting of the series to English before having the app restarted through PlayStation. Just like that, it will all be back to normal.

The first episode of Loki has been confirmed to have a runtime of 51 minutes and for the second episode, it will reportedly have 54 minutes. These include the credits sequence, of course, and do not turn it off until the end because if and when there would be a post-credits scene, it will surely be a bonus. Other than that, the credits usually have easter eggs and clues in it as well.

Loki will be available at 3AM on June 9, 2021 via Disney+ in 4K and it has been given a rating of TV-14. The series will have six episodes throughout the season.

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