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Loki Timeline Explained: Is it After Endgame?

Credit: Marvel Studios

Of all the villains introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, aside from Thanos who has been big bad of the recent phase, Loki and his story has been featured the most through various films he appeared on. Now that he is about to have a series of his own, this is where the canon show fits in the MCU timeline because a lot have been asking if it is after Endgame.

Before delving into when the series will take place into the timeline, let's look at why it may be kind of confusing. To date, the Loki's character has developed throughout the years. From being a villain who just wanted to be a god and savior, to the trickster who faked his death, to being a good guy fighting alongside his brother, and to his death in the hands of Thanos, surely Loki has been loved by many.

Odin took him from Jotunheim back when he was just a baby frost giant and he was raised as if he was Odin and Frigga's own. He trained and learned beside his brother, Thor, and they surely have a love-hate relationship as siblings. Loki's tenure in the MCU almost went to a straight line which ends in Infinity War, almost. Guess the beloved trickster found yet another way to cheat death, and this time, he totally messes things up.

Loki Timeline: Is it After Endgame?

Loki Timeline Explained: Is it After Endgame?
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Credit: Marvel Studios

To fully explain, Loki was supposed to be dead already, emphasis on the supposed to. However, in Endgame, the Avengers went time travelling to "borrow" the infinity stones in the timeline when they existed before Thanos destroyed them all.

This is when Loki comes in. The Avengers went back to 2012 when the Battle of New York happened because at that one time, three stones are present on Earth: the time stone with the Ancient One, the space stone in the tesseract, and the mind stone in the scepter of Loki. The battle was over and Loki was already apprehended. What they did not expect in the plan is the raging Hulk coming downstairs.

Their plan of Ant-Man triggering a heart attack on Tony of 2012 while the Tony from the original timeline take into possession the tesseract was almost successful, almost, if not for the Hulk of 2012 coming down the stairs raging, and he accidentally hit the Tony carrying the tesseract. It popped out of the case, and while there is a commotion about the heart attack, and everyone is clearly busy, Loki took the chance.

Loki took the tesseract and escaped. So, is the series after Endgame? Technically, the plot comes after the events of Endgame but it will be set in 2012, after the Avengers, considering that it was such date when Loki unexpectedly made an alternate timeline by his actions. Bear with it though, as surely, the series would be explaining how time works in the MCU.

All episodes of Loki Season 1 are available to stream on Disney+.

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