Is Loki Releasing Weekly or All at Once?

Credit: Marvel Studios

Credit: Marvel Studios

Having another chance at life, Loki finds another way to cheat death as he escapes with the tesseract making an alternate timeline. As confusing as that plot might sound, it is really happening. As the God of Mischief gets on his new adventure through time, the canon series will be on Disney+ but will it be releasing weekly or all at once?

Marvel Cinematic Universe is now entering into series expanding the possibilities that the shows can go through and adding more stories to the already complex one. It started with WandaVision exploring the untapped abilities of Wanda Maximoff where she ends up embracing her long-overdue moniker of Scarlet Witch, and it is followed by The Falcon and The Winter Soldier who answered who will be the new Captain America now that Steve Rogers retired.

The third series on the line is none other than Loki, it will be about the titular character who, just when we thought the sun will never shine the villain-turned-hero again after his death on the hands of the Mad Titan, found another way to exist as his 2012 self takes the tesseract and unknowingly messed with the timeline as he was not supposed to change what already happened but thanks to the time travel of the Avengers, he did.

Now that he's out of place in time (that sounds really confusing, right?), the frost giant that Odin adopted becoming the brother of Thor will be facing a bigger threat to his life more than ever as the Time Variance Authority makes him pay for his crimes on time throughout the various films he has been on in the MCU.

Is the Loki Releasing Weekly or All at Once?

Loki will be following the footsteps of both WandaVision and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier with the weekly release of the episodes. However, it will not be on the usual day of release as Star Wars: The Bad Batch has already taken over the said slot. Loki will have the Wednesday schedule instead. That way, everyone is given their own day.

The rescheduling of the weekly release of the canon series seems fitting as well given that Loki will be exploring more about how time works in the MCU and possibly shed some light as to why such a crime exists in the first place. Also, what is up with the face deletion of TVA? Do those who experienced the same punishment walk without a face? It's straight from a horror flick!

Loki premieres on June 9, 2021 at 3 AM only on Disney+.

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