Kevin Feige Confirms the Grim Fate of His Star Wars Movie

Kevin Feige
Credit: Marvel

Kevin Feige
Credit: Marvel

A few years ago, it was reported that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige was developing his own Star Wars movie with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness writer Michael Waldron tapped to pen the screenplay.

However, we haven't heard any updates about the project since they were reported and recent rumors have claimed that it will no longer happen as Lucasfilm is prioritizing other theatrical projects that are also in the works.

Now, we finally have the definitive update on the long-gestated project coming from Feige himself and it looks like fans won't look forward to it anymore.

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Kevin Feige Confirms His Star Wars Movie is Not Happening

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Credit: Lucasfilm

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight during the premiere event of The Marvels, Feige was asked whether his Star Wars movie is still happening.

The Marvel Studios boss simply answered with, "No." He didn't provide any additional details or explanation on why it's no longer in the works.

Considering the lack of updates and Lucasfilm has not officially acknowledged the project in any of their public announcements, it's not surprising that the Feige movie is no longer happening.

There's also the fact that Marvel Studios is currently experiencing a lot of problems and Disney may have tasked him to focus on fixing them rather than adding his heavy load of work with a movie project for another franchise.

Given that we have no idea what the plot is aside from Feige's involvement as a producer of the project, fans may not feel bummed about this news. They may have also become accustomed to various Star Wars projects that have been canceled for the past few years.

There are also rumors that Feige is considering leaving Marvel Studios for Star Wars, which is a wild prospect to consider but perhaps that could also be his main goal instead of just producing one project.

For now, we can definitively say that the Marvel Studios president won't be associated with the Star Wars property anytime soon.

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